The Great Tale of Juskin, The Polar Bear Chapter 5

Juskin and Benichael was all alone in the cave. They had been there for six months by now, and they started to get on each others nerves. Even the greatest loves can have trouble surviving in long periods of darkness. Juskin was so frustrated and had refused making love to Benichael until he came up with a solution. This had made Benichael extremely horny and unstable, on day after he have had a huge fight with Juskin he walked out. Benichael walked into the ice-cold world, with nothing but snow as long as the eye could see. After only ten minutes he started regretting his decision, but was too stubborn too call it defeat, so he walked on. Juskin was worried and going out of his mind, but not enough to cross the cold stormy weather. He tried going to sleep but with no luck.

Temmeth had survived the mating season, and had forgiven Juskin and Benichael. He didn’t want to stay mad forever, and he was quite contempt with his life, some of the female wolf’s allowed him to take them anal. One day a new wolf joined the herd, he was dark and looked like he was close to starvation. But Temmeth couldn’t take his eyes of him, he was so beautiful and moved with a sexy slow determined walked.. Temmeth didn’t have the courage to go talk to him, but one day as Temmeth was about to fall a sleep a dark shadow entered his cave. No words were said, the black wolf took Temmeth so hard that it was closed to rape, except Temmeth wanted it of course. He bit Temmeths ears, and fucked so hard that tears appeared in Temmeths eyes. This went on and on, until Temmeth yelled and begged him to stop, but the dark wolf sat his claws in Temmeth shoulders and held him in a firm grip and just kept fucking him. After an hour Temmeths desperation was at the highest despite the claws he wristed himself free and started fighting the dark wolf with bright yellow eyes, that almost looked like lightning. Temmeth looked at him and yelled “What the Hell??” and the black wolf turned around and walked away.

Benichael had found shelter with some white wolves who fed him and offered him a place to sleep. One of the female wolf’s a beautiful snow-white one, with eyes blue like the sky had stared at him all evening, and even though he knew he was gay, he had felt a sting deep in his stomach when their eyes had first met. As everyone went to bed one by one, he wondered if he would ever be alone with the beautiful wolf. His wish came true, everyone had gone to bed except him at the white wolf he later learned was called Kristin. They talked and flirted for hours, until she jumped on him. Benichael was filled with mixed feelings, in one way it felt good and right but at the same time so very wrong. But they had sex, and Kristin moaned like he had never heard before and that made his heart skip a beat. Afterward they lay there, and he couldn’t help but feel that this was right, this was what he wanted…

About theevilicequeen

Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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