The Great Tale of Juskin, The Polar Bear Chapter 6

Juskin waited alone in the cold dark cave, days had gone by and he started wondering whether Benichael would ever return. He dreaded that something had happened to his love, but he couldn’t even stand thinking that thought. He had to leave, but where to? He could search the God forsaken landscape for Benichael or return to the pack and hope that they would welcome him, and that maybe Benichael would be there, and if not Temmeth would probably be. He feared standing face to face with the pack leader Babylon, but hoped that he could find forgiveness in his heart.  So Juskin started the long journey to his old home, filled with mixed thoughts and regrets, but he couldn’t stay put any longer.

Temmeth searched for the dark wolf that had fucked him, like no one had ever fucked him before. At first he felt it was to rough, but now he was sure that it was the best sex ever. Unfortunately the wolf had disappeared completely. Temmeth asked everyone in the herd, and they started discussing why the wolf was so important to him. After days of search he found him, more rough-looking than ever, sitting by the river totally wet with a blank look in his eyes. Temmeth sat himself beside him without saying a word. So they sat for hours, in complete silence, listening to the sound of the strong trembling river. Temmeth was about to give up and leave when the black wolf started talking, “I’m Followill, and I’m sorry if i scared you”. Temmeth bit his ear and dragged him to the nearest cave, where they again had violent and passionate sex. Followill was just like Temmeth wanted his lover to be, no strings attached and took completely care of all his needs and needs he didn’t know he had. Followills big wolf cock filled Temmeth hole completely, but the pain was worth it, Temmeth could feel Followill in him hours after they finished, and even though he had been fucked by a polarbear this wolfcock was bigger in diameter.

Benichael woke up next to Kristin, she was truly beautiful and so pure and perfect, but in the morning light Benichaels affection for her had changed. He hated her, not her really but that she had been so lovely that he could cheat on his one true love Juskin, his heart ached so badly that he feared it might stop beating. He had no idea how to leave this family now that he had taken this young wolf’s virginity, and the family had become rather attached to him, and he hated breaking anyones heart. He decided to get up and talk to the leader of the household, which unfortunately was Kristins father. Fuuuuuuck! The family congratulated him, and where almost mid-celebrating the two lovers union. What was he supposed to do now?

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Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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