The Great Tale of Juskin, The Polar Bear Chapter 7

Juskin had started the long walk home to the herd, but unfortunately he wasn’t could at finding directions, so he was lost. He wondered and wandered, but had no idea where he was or where he was heading towards.. The weather changed at got warmer and warmer, this didn’t suit the polar bear he fur wasn’t good in this warm weather, but even though he knew this wasn’t right he walked on and on, until he saw he weird tall yellow creature… The animal looked kinda like a horse, but was 7 meters tall, and had a neck that was 2,5 meter, a totally crazy looking animal… Juskin asked where he was and the creature answered Africa, Juskin had no idea where that was, but he was sure it wasn’t very good, to be a white animal in a land that was covered with brown dust. The animal told him that he was a giraf, and that he had been evicted from his herd, due to his homosexuality, Juskin told him his similar story.They talked for hours, and there was clearly chemistry between them, they both wanted to have sex, and they tried. But their body structure made it completely impossible, if only the giraf had been able to bend his knees or Juskin have had a chair. they finally gave up, and they said goodbye. And so did Juskin walk the long way back again, horny, tired and disappointed, if he had only asked for directions. (MUHAHAHAHHA)

Followill and Temmeths relationship had developed, even though they was just fuck buddies, they where together all the time and had agreed not to see other wolf’s. Temmeth had strong affections for the crazy black wolf, that always did whatever he wanted, and never cared for anyone, except perhaps a little for Temmeth. Temmeths father Babylon hated Followill, and had only allowed him to stay because he was too weak to put up a fight, but as the weeks went by Followill grew stronger and stronger, Babylon started getting worried, it was only a matter of time before the handsome dark wolf, would attack his position. But he couldn’t just evict him without a fair reason, so he searched and searched, but Followill was excellent to hide his trails. One early morning Babylon woke up hearing a weird noise, he saw Followill sneak out the of the cave slowly and completely silent. Babylon waited a couple of seconds before he got up, and started following Followill. Followill walked up to the cave where Babylon had once found his two sons fucking a polar bear, so he was rather frightened, so he stayed outside for a while, there was dead silent. After a few minutes he started hearing somebody  moaning and whining in pleasure, he knew what was happening and that this was his chance to get rid of the wolf, but he was worried what he would see. The sounds grew louder and louder, and finally Babylon got the nerve to enter the cave, here he found Followill roughly fucking his wife who was in place of total pleasure.  Babylon’s mind filled up with white rage and attacked Followill who was totally caught off guard, they wrestled on the ground while Babylon’s wife Eey ran to get help. Babylon was clearly the strongest of the two wolf’s, but Followill played dirty, so the fight was rather even. Eey ran to wake the pack and told the male wolf’s to stop the fight, including her son Temmeth. When they reached the cave Followill lay silent on the ground with blood running from his nostrils. All of the wolf’s screamed, especially Eey and Temmeth… Babylon look angry at Eey and told her to get the fuck out of here and never come back, Eey knew she couldn’t reason with him, so she walked away silent. Temmeth had no idea what was going on and ran after his mother to get some answers, but she was already gone, it was like she had dissolved into the air. Temmeth asked Babylon and he told him that he had found the two having sex. Temmeth was in shock, now he finally realised that Followill was dead, tears started pressing, but he couldn’t cry in front of his father, fearing that he might make him leave as well. Temmeth ran deep into the woods, where he started howling and crying, how could this have happened, the pain was greater than any pain he had ever felt. How could he have cheated on him, and with his mother, it was such a betrayal that there was no words…

Benichael was in a big mess, his new herd was planning a ceremony for him and Kristin, he had no idea how to get out of this situation. He was so frustrated and hated himself for not being able to tell the family off. He saw no other solution than running away during the night, so he did. He sneaked out of the cave in the cold night. When he ran during the blistering weather he loathed himself, now they would wake up wondering why he had left. The family had really cared for him, and Kristin truly loved him, and now he was just leaving them without a word, it was the lowest of the lowest… And for this he would never forgive himself.

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Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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  1. stenfalk says:

    captor 7… oh my, who would have thought it would be that long 🙂 what happens now?

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