The Great Tale of Juskin, The Polar Bear Chapter 8

The three lonely souls wandered around in the snow, all wondering what had happened to the time they had spent together, so carefree and happy. They all tried to regain the happy feelings their body’s once were filled with, in hope that it could give them will to move on. But all hope seemed lost, they were all alone and had nowhere to go.

Juskin had finally found the right direction, and actually tried finding back to the herd, but it was as it had disappeared, like things intend to do when you look for them. But all of a sudden everything look familiar the threes and the rocks all covered with snow, and there out of nowhere Temmeth came out of the forest. Juskin was extremely happy to see him, but he looked all wrong, Temmeth was covered with sadness, he carried so much pain with him that it hang in the air. Juskin felt it deep in his heart, and had a sudden urge to cry. It look like Temmeth was walking towards the gallows, the finale steps of a desperate man. He didn’t even notice the huge polar bear beside him, he just walked by lost in his thoughts. Juskin was terrified what on earth could have happened. He called out to Temmeth but there was no response, he jumped on him and Temmeth just fell hopeless to the ground, probably hoping it was a polar bear that wanted to kill him. Juskin looked him in the eyes and there was nothing left, Temmeth was gone, it was like his mind and soul had been erased, never to be recovered. Juskin tried talk to him, but there was no response. So Juskin wandered on, hoping to find some answers.

Benichael decided to walk home, even though he knew it wouldn’t be well received. His mind was filled with images of his entire family, judging him for his poor decision. But he knew his mother would understand him, she would never judge him, she had always told him to follow his dreams, and not say no to any opportunities. He had always wondered if it was because she had made some wrong choices down the road. Then he saw a grey shadow lying in the snow, he walked closer terrified of what it might be, he came closer to the shadow that was lying between the huge pine-trees. When he was two meters away he recognized the fur and the eyes. It was his mother. She wasn’t moving, he called out her name, but there was of course no reaction, he felled tears running down his cheeks, the weather was ice-cold and Benichael tears barely made it out of his eyes before they turned into ice drops, that landed one his dead mother and then broke into a million pieces. He had always dreaded this day, knowing it would come eventually, but not this soon. How could this have happened, where was his father, he had always protected her from all evil, what had happened this time. His heart beated so hard, it felt like his chest couldn’t contain it, and it hurt, more than he had ever thought possible. How was a young boy suppose to survive without his mother, at this point it seemed impossible. But then he saw a weird white light deep within the forest…

About theevilicequeen

Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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1 Response to The Great Tale of Juskin, The Polar Bear Chapter 8

  1. mette stenfalk says:

    haha, now we are talking…. now it is beginning to feel like a bilbe story 🙂 anyway, baby, you know there is an “edit” button right? So its sort of easy for you to go back and make sure it is Themmeth coming out of the woods all the way 😉

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