The Great Tale of Juskin, The Polar Bear Chapter 9

Juskin couldn’t get the image of Temmeth out of his head. He was more anxious than ever to get home and get some answers, he dreaded what might have happened, and with every step he feared what waited for him only miles ahead. Temmeth was usually not easy to scare, and now he had been utterly destroyed. Juskin knew he was very close to the herd, but he was so tired and dragged his huge paws through the snow, he wanted to lie down but knew that in this weather it would kill him. But then he heard a wolf howl.

Benichael followed the light curious and also a bit scared. He walked slowly through the snow, that felt like loose powder, the landscape was so beautiful and more frozen than usual, wich made it look like unreal like in a fairytale. Even though he walked right towards the light he didn’t seem to get any closer, was it moving. Benichael started to run through the high snow, he had to jump more than he ran to get through the huge piles of snow, after a few minutes his lungs were burning and he couldn’t breath, it was like his lungs had turned into ice. But he didn’t stop, he had to know what it was, he had walked alone in the woods for too long, and now he needed some guidance. He ran and ran until his legs bended beneath him, he howled in agony, and he fell into the loose snow that whirled into the air. He looked up and saw the light disappear between the trees. He lay there well knowing this mind be the end of him, he had so many questions to wich he needed answers, he couldn’t give up yet. Then out of the dark came Juskin, his eyes lighted up. Benichael spend al of his remaining energy to jump up and wrestle with Juskin. Tears started running down both their faces, and neither of them knew what to say. It had been so long, and so unbearable to be without each other, and now it was unbearable for them to be together. It felt like their hearts was overflowing with happiness and love, so strong that it hurt. Still not knowing what to say to each other, instead they had sex right there in the middle of the forest in the biting cold. This time it wasn’t rough as usual, it was sweet, tender and they held each other close to stay warm. It went on for hours, neither of them wanted to stop, they had finally found each other and had no idea how to let go.

The next morning they walked together home to the herd, only to find it wasn’t there anymore. It was a sight of horror, blood and a pack of dead wolves lay stacked close to the river. Benichael and Juskin ran over there wondering if any of their loved ones were dead. Luckily it wasn’t any of their friends. They searched everywhere for clues and family, they walked up to the cave where they used to sneak of too, here they found Babylon staring into the emptiness. Benichael and Juskin dreaded his reaction, but when he saw them he smiled. They all hugged, and Babylon explained what had happened. He told them all about Followill and his wife Eey. Followill had been a spy, and his old herd had come and destroyed everything. Killed and driving most of the wolves away. Eey had felt so guilty about her betrayal that she had left right after Babylon had killed Followill. Temmeth had stayed a while longer and witnessed the destruction of his home and family. Babylon had hidden in the cave, so he hadn’t seen what had happened only heard the screams and howling. He had failed as a leader and was punishing himself by staying in the cave, where he had found Eey and Followill. Babylon then told Benichael that he had a half brother, Eey had gotten pregnant with Followill and had given birth to a little puppy the day before the massacre. The baby wolf was named Salo, Babylon had looked after him the last couple of days, but he had run away in desperate search for his mother. Babylon cared for the little creature, and feared that he might have died, so he begged Benichael and Juskin to go search for him.

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Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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  1. stenfalk says:

    baby girl… hugging and crying? its animals :p LOL..

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