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My great date

A couple of weeks ago I was on a date. It was with this guy who’s picture I’d seen on my friends Facebook page, he looked cute and I told her so. Then she told him that she had a … Continue reading

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My whole life I’ve felt confused, what to become, what to be, who to be and where to go? I know huge silly questions, because you can’t really control that much.. Or that’s the conclusion I’ve reached, every time I’m … Continue reading

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A couple of musicvideos…

Radiohead’s new single.. A very cool video, you gotta love Thom Yorke.   Vinnie Who with Accident or will.. A silly but yet beautiful video.. He’s just so adorable..   This one is from one of my favourite Danish bands, … Continue reading

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Stuff from my notebook vol. 1

Found an old notebook, and thought I’d share this… It’s just silly writing and thoughts, but it has always been important for me to get my feelings down on writing, since I’m horrible at sharing them otherwise, so these small … Continue reading

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A friend of my taught me how to download movies, at first it was just so I could watch the new How I met your Mother episodes.. But then I realised that I could download anything I wanted, and oh … Continue reading

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Toy Story 3

Oh my God… This movie completely blew me away.. I love the two previous movies the humor and the heart.. Well it’s been eleven years since Toy Story 2, and it has been a long wait, but totally worth it.. … Continue reading

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Yesterday I watch Closer… One of my favorite movies… It’s about four people whose paths ends up crossing. It starts with a beautiful scene where Dan played by Jude Law and Alice played by Natalie Portman, walks towards each other … Continue reading

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Notting Hill

I accidentally found my VHS with Notting Hill and well I just had to watch it… This is a movie I’ve probably watched thirty times, and I still love it.. It’s the story about Anna Scott a very succesful and … Continue reading

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Most of us feels pressured by time, there’s so much to do and not enough time to do it all. Then it amazes me, that I again and again spend days lying in my bed watching silly movies and series, … Continue reading

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A thursday night

Well, so now I’m sitting here while my friends are out smoking, wondering if I should join them… I decide not too… Instead I will blog about how much I care for them.. I’ve known them since gymnasium, and we … Continue reading

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