Most of us feels pressured by time, there’s so much to do and not enough time to do it all. Then it amazes me, that I again and again spend days lying in my bed watching silly movies and series, and instead of enjoying these moments of solitude I instead think about how I’m throwing my life away.. Well it’s rather stupid… My family has a tradition of feeling guilt all the time, this was something I hoped wouldn’t stalk me, but well it is.. I’m having a hard time doing lazy stuff, because 80 percent of the time I feel guilty, and because 80 percent of my time is spend doing nothing, I feel guilty a lot.. And that can sometimes drive me crazy… Today I had school off, so technically I shouldn’t feel guilty for spending the day in bed, but I do.. Even though it has been a great day, I’ve watched some of my favorite movies from when I was a kid, An American Tail, Toy Story 2 and Anastasia.

Let’s start with Toy Story, this was Pixar Animations first long movie, and it was great, but somehow I have always loved the sequel more, maybe because of the horse Bulls Eye.. the first movie was about how this space toy Buzz Lightyear comes and ruins the balance of the toys in Andy’s room, Woody the cowboy used to be the favorite but all of a sudden this Buzz character is the leading man.. Of course all there’s jealousy and rivalry, but it all ends well, and Woody and Buzz becomes BFF’s… In the second movie Woody is the main character, he’s stolen from Andy, by this chicken guy who owns a store called Al’s toy barn. Al knows that Woody actually is a very rare collection figure, and wants to ship him of to China. This movie is great funny and cute, the story that toys really loves the children who plays with them is so touching. And has fucked with my mind, if I touch a stuffed animal in a store I have to buy it, because I can’t stand the thought of giving it hope and then taking it away.. I know I’m nuts.. In Toy Story 2, Jessie sings a beautiful song about how she was loved, and her owner grew up and forgot all about her. I love this movie, and have watched it many times, and still it never gets old…

Then on to one of my top teen movies from my childhood, An American Tail, directed by Don Bluth… The story of Fievel and his family who emigrates from Russia to America, in hope of getting rid of cats. The story is set in 1885 so they travel to America by boat, in their journey Fievel fall of the boat and the family believes that he’s drowned. They arrive to America depressed and sad, wondering what a mistake they’ve made. Fievel arrives to New York in a bottle, and is helped by Henri a dove who’s building the statue of Liberty… Then Fievel meets new friends and enemies, wandering the streets of New York, and most of the time he’s right next to his family but they never find each other. The mouse of New York struggles with cats, and all the mice decides to stand together and free New York of cats.. Well I want to tell you more, because you need to watch it, it’s amazing. It’s brutal and mean, and beautiful… Watching it now I’m amazed that my mom let me watch it, Fievel is forced to deal with horrible stuff, and the there’s a storm at sea, that still scares me a little.. 😉 I can highly recommend it, both kids and adult is entertained… And I don’t know why I’m always touched by how strong Fievel is, he’s just a mouse and he’s more awesome than me… A bit scary after all..

Uh I also need to mention the sequel to An American Tail, it’s called Fievel goes west… Now Fievel’s family decides to move to the west, they were promised a heaven with rivers, flowers and beautiful houses.. They arrive and the reality is a very different one… So they start building this new world.. It’s a lot more fun that the first one, and still brilliant… Fievel’s cat friend Tiger is the funny sidekick all the ways through, and well he’s awesome.. Dom DeLuise is the voice of Tiger, and you gotta love him, R.I.P…There’s of course also a bad guy Cat R. Waul, he’s so cute, the most non threatening evil guy ever, the genius John Cleese is the voice of him… As many sequels the new characters brings the movie to new levels, as seen in Toy Story 2, Madagascar 2 and Shrek 2.. I have definitely watched this one more, because it’s funnier and more easy-going…

And now on to another Don Bluth movie, Anastasia, this movie will always have a special place in my heart.. Part because Dimitri is crazy hot.. But mostly because it’s a link to my closest childhood friend.. This movie, is about the russian Zars daughter Anastasia, who escapes while the rest of the Romanov family is being murdered. She gets amnesia and ends in an orphanage, with no memory of who she is.. On her eighteens birthday she walks to Skt. Petersburg and there she meets Dimitri and Vladimir, who is looking for a girl who can portray Anastasia, because Anastasia’s grandmother will give a reward to those who will bring her granddaughter to Paris. It’s on of my top 5 animated movies, it’s fun, scary, beautiful and there’s some wonderful songs.. And again Dimitri is so sexy.. grr…. The three main characters voices are Meg Ryan, the talented and sexy John Cusack and the brilliant Kelsey Grammer…

These movies are perfect in so many ways, and is definitely worth “wasting” time on…

So well I’ve had a great day, reminiscing my childhood.. The movies we watched as a kid, can give us some answers on why we are who we are now.. I know it’s corny, but I’ve always wanted to be a strong girl who could stick up for myself like for example Anastasia, Belle, Esmeralda and so on, some of these cartoons can actually be more of a role model than the real people.. Or well for me they can, because most of them are naive, but yet strong girls who’s only looking for love and adventure, and I sometimes wish that I could feel like that again…

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Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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4 Responses to Time

  1. stenfalk says:

    god, how can you manage to sound so old and so young in the same post???
    what, are you too old to go looking for love and adventure? oh and by the way, you do know that esmeralda was burned on the fire as a witch right? its not always cool to be a strong girl 😛
    but at least this explains all the teddybears you have at home 😀

  2. Well I am a mess.. Thought you knew 😉 And no I’m not to old too look for love and adventure, it was more meant as I don’t believe in it anymore.. I don’t belive in fairytale love and adventures, and somehow the world was more fun when I did…
    And about Esmeralda I know, but well you should know that I don’t care for any story who isn’t disneys 😉 MUHAHAHAHA and actually my ten years older sister has more teddybears than me, so it’s a family weakness…. Hmm, did I have anymore bad excuses for being me, no appears that I’m all out.. heh

  3. stenfalk says:

    Why do you need bad excuses for being who you are? I think you are wonderful and I would not want you any other way… no wait, that is a lie… I would love for you to be hopelessly in love with Ville Valo as I am but other than that you are pretty perfect… 🙂

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