Yesterday I watch Closer… One of my favorite movies… It’s about four people whose paths ends up crossing. It starts with a beautiful scene where Dan played by Jude Law and Alice played by Natalie Portman, walks towards each other in slow motion to the Blower’s daughter by Damien Rice. At first they don’t see each other, but slowly they both realise that they are looking at each other, it’s all very subtle and cute. Then they both turn to cross the street, the movie is set in London, so the traffic comes from the right, Alice has just arrived from New York so she looks left and gets hit by a cab. Dan takes her to the hospital, and she gets fixed.. After visiting the hospital they walk around London for a while talking and getting to know each other. Dan writes obituaries for a newspaper and Alice was a stripper back in New York. Then the movie jumps forward in time, Dan and Alice is dating. Dan has written a book about Alice’s life, and he goes to this photographer to get headshots taken for the book. The photographer is Anna, a divorced american, they talk about his book and there’s clearly a spark between them. They end up having the best movie kiss ever, tender and yet lusting, Jude Law must be the worlds best kisser.. Alice comes to pick Dan up, and she realise that somethings wrong. Alice asks Dan to leave so Anna can take a picture of her, Alice tells Anna that she overheard a conversation between her and Dan, and that she know they kissed. They part after Anna have taken some beautiful photographs of Alice. Then we jump a little ahead again, and we see Dan sitting with his computer chatting with a man. The man is a doctor called Larry, Dan pretends to be Anna, and they have a very dirty sex chat. They agree on meeting the following day at London Aquarium, Dan suggests this because Anna loves aquariums. The next day Larry goes to the aquarium, accidentally Anna is there, they meet and spends a cute day together… Then they meet, all of them at one of Anna’s exhibitions, Dan is madly in love with her, but wont leave Alice, Larry and Anna is dating and in love. Then I wont reveal anymore, because it’s a movie that needs to be watched.. I know it may sound boring, but well it’s just my writing that sucks… So don’t dismiss it yet please… These four actors are truly magnificent, evil and confused, you feel sorry for them, want to punch them in the face and hold them while they cry… It’s directed by academy awards winner Mike Nichols who directed The Graduate and Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? Two absolutely magnificent movies, where the characters also is the thing carrying the movie. Closer is based on a play by Patrick Marber, it can be touch transforming a play from stage to movie, but Mike Nichols has done this beautifully and has maintained some of the stage elements, and you are never bored.

So to sum up, this is a movie that will stay with you long after it’s done.. The first time I watched it, I watch it twice in a row, I couldn’t get enough… Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts, are magnificent, so fragile and yet so incredibly strong… and well it doesn’t hurt that Jude Law and Cliwe Owen are freakishly hot…


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  1. stenfalk says:

    oh my god, you totaly lost me and the trailer did not do any good… i guess i am going to have to watch it … šŸ˜›

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