Toy Story 3

Oh my God… This movie completely blew me away.. I love the two previous movies the humor and the heart.. Well it’s been eleven years since Toy Story 2, and it has been a long wait, but totally worth it.. I really feared this movie, because it seemed impossible to top the two others, but for Pixar apparently anything is possible. In this movie Andy has grown old and is about to leave for college. This means he hasn’t played with his toys the last couple of years, and he has cleaned out his room in the last couple of years, and now he only has his most precious toys left.. This includes Slinky, Rex, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Bulls Eye, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Hamm and of course Woody, Andy’s most precious toy. In the week before college Andy’s mom tells him to clean out his room, Andy puts the toys in a garbage bag, except for Woody who he’s planning on taking with him to college.. Andy intends to put the other toys in the addic, but his mom believes it’s trash so she puts it out by the curb. Fortunately the toys escapes, but are all mad at Andy believing he was throwing them away, Woody who has seen this entire thing, tries to convince them of Andy’s true intention, but they don’t believe him. Instead they decide to crawl into a case with toys Andy’s mom is planning on giving to Sunnyside daycare. This looks like a perfect place for toys at first, lots of kids to play with and other toys. They all seem to enjoy this new place, except for Woody, because of his loyalty towards Andy he decides to run away. This succeeds, but outside the daycare a girl picks him up and takes him home, this is a dear sweet girl, who loves toys and plays with them right… Back at Sunnyside the other toys are in for a bad surprise, because instead of being played with by age appropriate kids, they are played with by horribly violent kids. The leader of the daycare is a cute fuzzy bear smelling like strawberries called Lotso, who at first appear nice, but as it turns out runs Sunnyside with an iron fist. Then they need to figure out how to escape this horrible place… Well, I wont go into details.. It’s Disney πŸ™‚

The last scene is the second most beautiful in the history of animated movies, the first of course being the intro to UP.. Andy gives his toys to the sweet girl who Woody ended with earlier.. He presents all the toys to the girl, until he get’s to Woody, who he’d still intended to bring to college.. He talks so loving of this doll, and really describes how much a toy can mean to a child.. It’s a very touching scene, and I cried my eyes out and when the movie ended I was light-hearted and felt happy toΒ  my very core.. It’s amazing when movies can have this effect on you, it’s a great feeling… And this movie has already gotten a special place in my heart…

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1 Response to Toy Story 3

  1. stenfalk says:

    you are so adorable πŸ™‚
    horrible kids, playing violent games with their toys… sound like any parents nightmare…
    i think these movies were invented by some one who got tired of buying their kids new toys when they destroyed them… make them feel bad for not taking care of their toys… and lo and behold, it works πŸ™‚

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