My great date

A couple of weeks ago I was on a date. It was with this guy who’s picture I’d seen on my friends Facebook page, he looked cute and I told her so. Then she told him that she had a friend who thought he was cute, and he wrote me. We texted and it all seemed good, he was sweet. So we quickly decided to go on a date, well my first dates are usually on a café somewhere so you can escape and so there are witnesses 😉 But he invited me home to his apartment, and reluctantly I ended up accepted this. It was a saturday night and I was meeting him at his apartment for a glass of wine. I arrived, and saw his apartment, and was very pleasantly surprise it wasn’t a bachelor pad but a pretty home, it wasn’t my style but there wasn’t pizza boxes  and laundry in the corners, so far so good. Then I looked at him, he was attractive, totally my type except for a hopefully ugly shirt, but I decided not to think more about that, the old me would have dumped him based on that shirt and a some ugly pillows, but I ignored it. So we sat down drank some wine (wich was horrible, by the way), and talked, about thirty minutes in the date I realised that we had nothing at all in common, he’s a carpenter who’s interested in finance, so technically we would have lots to talk about, but he was horribly racist and narrow-minded, I totally had not seen that coming. But well the date went on, he put on some music and I dared what it might be, but it was sort of a pleasant surprise, Guns N’Roses and Metalica whom I like, and well D:A:D wich I can tolerate listening to, so that was great. After we had listened to music in an hour, he asked if we should watch a movie, never a good sign for a first date, just totally shows you got nothing to talk about. But he found his computer where he had a list of his films, and it wasn’t either alphabetized or categorised by genre, but never mind, he scrolled down the list and every fifth movie was a porn movie, with titles like Lesbian gang bang and so on you get the picture 😉 I was laughing my ass off on the inside, and had no idea whether to comment on it or not, I decided not to. But his film list was horrible, terrible horror movies and crappy action film, there wasn’t anything I wanted to see, until we reached Pulp Fiction one of my favorite movies, so brilliant, so I said that I really wanted to see that one, then he stopped me and said that it wasn’t the one I was thinking, so of course I thought it was a porn movie, but it wasn’t it was the real Pulp Fiction, he just didn’t know this movie, he thought that I thought it was this horribly terrible disaster of a Danish movie called Polle Fiction, I was terrified. Now I was worried, as a film geek I couldn’t possibly date a guy who doesn’t know Pulp Fiction. But well I let him decide on a movie, he chose Road House 2, the first Road House was a tolerable movie with sexy sexy Patrick Swayze, my date claimed that he was also in this one, I knew it wasn’t true but didn’t feel like taking this discussion, so we just watched this movie. It was beyond terrible, horrible, I wont spend to many words on it. During the film he asked me to sit next to him, so I did, he put his arm around me at for a second it didn’t seem that bad. Then he moved his hand south, not booby south but bajingo south, I was terrified, I didn’t say anything just strategically put my arm in the way, then he went to my breasts a little better but still not quite the order men usually go for. It’s kissing (first base), boobs (second base) and neither region (third base) this guy had clearly mixed these up. Then I tried kissing the guy just get things right, but there was no spark and he didn’t kiss very good. Then he went south again, and now I was annoyed, so I told him that I wasn’t planning on staying the night, then he got pissy, and removed his arm. Then we saw maybe ten more minutes of the movie, then he stood up and turned of the tv and the lights and went into his bedroom. So there I sat in the sofa, in the dark, wondering WHAT THE FUCK?!? Not that I wasn’t happy that he turned of the movie, but what was he thinking. So I left, didn’t say goodbye or anything, just gathered my things in the dark and left. Trying not to laugh while I walked down the stairs, I managed to restrain myself till I reached my bike, the I laughed out loud it was the weirdest experience ever. But it didn’t end there, five minutes later on my way home I received a text from him saying: “You sure are really stupid.” I just answered: “Why?”, he then wrote: “Because you said you didn’t want sex, that totally ruined the moment.” Then I said that I didn’t want to lead him on, I thought it was better to be honest, he answered that I totally could have gotten some, and I answered that I didn’t want any. And then he wrote the most brilliant thing: “Then why did you want to come by?” I answered: “To get to know you!” and he ended this conversation saying: “It sure was a waste.” I totally caught of guard, I have never experienced a guy behave like that. The next day he had blocked me on Facebook, fun fun.. MUHAHAHA but the next afternoon he wrote a text telling me he was sorry, of course I didn’t answer. So well now once again I’ve lost my faith in men, happy birthday to me 😉

About theevilicequeen

Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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3 Responses to My great date

  1. stenfalk says:

    LOL… oh sweety, that is brilliant… why on earth would you want to get to know a guy before you sleep with him? what were you thinking….. 😛
    blocking you on face book, aren’t you horribly sad by that? he really sound like a catch… 😉

  2. Yeah I know I’m silly.. heh… Honestly on the way over to his place I considered sleeping with him, but when he opened the door, that window sort of closed 😉 Yeah, I’m sooo sad i miss the guy sooo much 😉

  3. stenfalk says:

    Hehe that’s what you get for breaking the dating rules… never meet someone at their home 😉

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