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My beloved horse

I have always known that someday I would have to deal with this, I thought I would be ready, but I’m so not. Not yet. Last week I found a lump under my horses stomach, at first I thought it … Continue reading

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My new blog

Visit my new blog and share with your friends, the polar bear has gotten it’s very own blog.. Congratulations..

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In the sun

If I find my way, how much will I find? This is a line from Joseph Arthur‘s beautiful song In the sun. I sat and listened to this earlier today, and it got me thinking. Everybody is searching to find … Continue reading

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What have you done?

The importance of friendship A void filled Joy of company How did I let you go? Why didn’t I hold on to you? Could you have been saved? Should have seen the worry The pain in your eyes Addiction taking … Continue reading

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Dirty Dancing

Yesterday me and three of my friends sat down to watch Dirty dancing, I was a little reluctant at first, which I always am with this movie, but of course I surrendered. I remembered Patrick Swayze‘s amazing ass and upper body … Continue reading

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My love

I just realised something horrible, I haven’t written anything about one of the thing I hold dearest in this world, my amazing horse. I bought her when I was 12 years old, my mom told me that if I could … Continue reading

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The Blue Planet

I love watching nature shows, there’s something calming about watching beautiful footage of nature and animals. The Blue Planet, is about well all animals who lives in water or by water. I saw it last when it was on tv … Continue reading

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International term

I study financial bachelor, meaning I’m can work in banks, in ensurance, realestate, economic divisions and accounting. It may sound boring but there’s so much more to this than just putting in numbers on a computer. Today it’s more about … Continue reading

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A couple of years ago my “moviegang” introduced me to this amazing cartoon called Spirit, The Stallion of Cimarron, now you probably think oh no another movie about a horse, but this one is different. The reason why I’m writing … Continue reading

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Puss in Boots

This must be the most awesome cat ever.. Is it just me or is he damn sexy too 😉

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