A phenomenon I’ve become addicted to, every time I see two male celebrities I always imagine them being a little bit more than just friends. I love the word bromance, men are very closed off most of the time, but this means two men opening up to each other and loving each other, in my head they also fuck but well, deep down I know they don’t. I wont write a lot of shit, instead I’ll show true bromance… 🙂

Well Kirk and Spock from Star Trek are very bromance, admitted I haven’t watched any of the old movies, but look at them they are so adorable. If you click on the pictures they get bigger 🙂

My favorite bromance, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, ever since their appearance in Sherlock Holmes I’ve been obsessed with these two hotties…

And of course JD and Turk from Scrubs, those two are the perfect bromance, they love each other crazy much and they are inseparable.

Well that’s it for today…


About theevilicequeen

Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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One Response to Bromance

  1. stenfalk says:

    well, lets face it, the world is just so much funnier in gay land… love the pictures 😉

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