The Lonely boy

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little bookish boy, also known as the Lonely Boy. You could always find him reading a book, in this beautiful part of Central Park, he always sat on the same bench between some huge magnificent oak trees, he sat there on this amazing fall day, the sky was bright blue and the sun showed its lights through the pale green leaves. He sat on this ridiculously shiny day alone, reading High Fidelity, this was his all-time favourite novel, mostly because it always made him make up his own top fives. In the book we follow Rob, a dumped, unsuccessful record store owner, who’s just been dumped. He tries to figure out his lives, putting everything into top five lists. The Lonely boy had a book filled with his own top fives, and every time he read the book, he would come up with a new top five. This time he sat wondering what his favourite side one track one hits would be it ended up looking like this: 1. Meds from Placebo “Meds” 2. Mojo Pin from Jeff Buckley “Grace” 3. Closer from Kings of Leon “Only by Night” 4. Death from White Lies “To lose my life” 5. Jenny was a friend of mine from The Killers “Hot Fuss”. Each of these songs had been special to him, he thought how different it was from Rob Gordons, where was Nirvana, The Clash and Bruce Springsteen, all his life he’d been dreaming of becoming Rob, living the unsuccessful fulfilling life of a failed trapped artist, because isn’t that every man’s dream? He was sitting there wondering if he was falling free or just letting his fears get a hold of him. He felt stranded in this spooky town, passers by where looking at him as if they could erase him. He hated the feeling these faces were filling his body with, it was nor anger nor sadness, more an emptiness and it’s coming closer. He felt blind and tortured, not knowing where to go. In Central park he oddly always felt safe from harm, watching the many wandering souls, some with direction and some with even less than him. After having turned the last page, he arose and walked towards the harbour, the sun had set, and the moon had won over the fiery sun. In this huge metropolis the stop lights were swaying and the concrete felt crackling cold. He loved the quiet of the night-time, standing there watching a storm bubbling up from the sea. The blue sky had turned into a pallet of black and grey, he felt the nature was fighting, and the darkness was winning, the air was tense and filled with anticipation. He wanted to walk home, but he just couldn’t face what was ahead, he sat down in a cafe, again reaching towards High Fidelity, he turned the first page and again he was hooked.

About theevilicequeen

Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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6 Responses to The Lonely boy

  1. stenfalk says:

    okay, creeping me out a little here…

  2. MUHAHAHAHA.. Thought I might…I just felt like doing something were I wrote a story where I stole parts from lyrics.. Admitted, I’m drunk, so that probably explains it.. 😉

  3. stenfalk says:

    hehe well its pretty good, but i dont get it… sigh… once you sober up you will have to explain. and what is this about drinking every day of the week?

  4. Well, there isn’t much to get.. But I guess if you don’t know the book or the song lyrics, it isn’t that much fun 😉 I can’t fall asleep unless I drink a little, not the ideal situation, but we’ve been through it before…

  5. stenfalk says:

    a little or enough to get drunk? getting ready for living in finland ha?

  6. Well, I don’t get drunk every night.. no worry 😉 Unfortunately I’m not going to Finland, they didn’t have the right subjects.. So now it either Brussells or Paris…

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