In the cold light of morning

In the cold light of morning. She woke up in a strange bed, the sun shined through the thin curtains, leaving a small line of light on her left calf, where the half torn pantyhose was a clear evidence of the nights unforgettable events. The lie there naked and exposed, rapt in the sheets trying to hide her shame. She didn’t know the day or where she was, all she knew was that it finally was enough. Not knowing who she just had spent the night with, she sneaked out of the loft apartment, wearing last nights clothes of shame. The light was strong outside, and she felt like a moleĀ just returning to the surface, she looked around trying to find a sign, telling her where she was. Nowhere around she saw anything familiar, except for the mandatory 7eleven on the corner. She looked at the streetlights hanging silently above the empty street. She had lever felt this alone, the loneliness had over the become her only true companion, the only one she felt was trustworthy, but now she felt that it was smothering her.

She walked down the expressionless streets, it seemed as if the whole world was still in a deep sleep, she wondered if it might ever wake up. The heels from the night before, felt like walking on sharp rocks, with every step a pain filled her body from her toe to the top of her spine. She felt like her body was working on its last forces, like she could collapse any moment, but the stubbornness in her heart forced her to keep going. She looked down her stained dress that clearly indicated where she’d been, even though she didn’t remember herself. Her mind was blank, her past had disappeared into the night, and in the hard morning light it seem as if was lost forever. The only memory she had left, was fast glimpses from the previous evening, she saw herself standing at a bar, drinking tequila shots, swallowing an e well knowing this wouldn’t end well, the bar was filled with men in their thirties all staring at the beautiful destructive girl, who’s just trying to forget or forgive. This was her only memory of a night that had change and somehow shaken her to her very core, still not knowing why. The city was still unknown to her, she had walk in what seemed as eternity, she glanced at her phone only to realise it wasn’t hers. Now she started to worry, she didn’t know any numbers by heart, so she dialed 911 as a last resort, then she heard a speaker saying that the numbers out of service. Her body went cold and stiff, she felt horror all through her body to her fingertips, now what? Far down the street she saw a shadow that looked like a little girl, she walked towards the black female shaped figure, her body was filled with fear, she didn’t dare to hope anything, she reached the shadow but there wasn’t any body to cast it, the shadow moved on the ground and suddenly she saw that the street was filled with black shadows shaped as people, all moving around without any matching body, she looked to her left and saw her own.


About theevilicequeen

Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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One Response to In the cold light of morning

  1. stenfalk says:

    beautiful… not sure waht to say to this, but its a catching story and i hope its not your own…

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