A couple of years ago my “moviegang” introduced me to this amazing cartoon called Spirit, The Stallion of Cimarron, now you probably think oh no another movie about a horse, but this one is different. The reason why I’m writing about this today is because, I’ve just listened to the soundtrack and the music is probably the greatest thing about this movie. The music is written by Hans Zimmer and Bryan Adams, and there is not much to say, other than it’s brilliant. Hans Zimmer is in my opinion the most amazing music score writer, he’s amazing at expressing the character’s emotion and music that fits the landscape, he’s just fantastic. You can always easily hear when it’s Hans Zimmer that behind the soundtrack, I’ll just mention a couple of his best work: Rain Man, The Lion King, Something to talk about, the Rock, The Road to El Dorado, Gladiator, Madagascar, Batman Begins, Pirates of the Caribbean and Sherlock Holmes.

The lyrics are written by Bryan Adams and all through the movie all songs are song by him, not some actor/singer. Bryan Adams rough voice is perfect in this movie, where the songs follow the mind of Spirit. One of the songs from the movie Here I am, is written in two versions, one that’s played in the beginning of the movie and the other one is played towards the end. The first time we hear the song we see the birth of Spirit, and the lyrics go: “Here I am, this is me, I’ve come into this world so wild and free.” We see this beautiful fragile foal trying to get control of the long skinny legs. Then the song goes on: Β “It’s a new day it’s a new start, it’s alive with the beating of a young heart, it’s a new day in a new land and it’s waiting for me, here I am.” There isn’t much lyrics, but the melody carries Spirit, the funny thing about this soundtrack is that when I listen to it, I can clearly see the movie running in my head. It hard writing about this movie, because I love it so much that I get totally excited. Here I am is about how you just face the world, with no fear, no baggage and no prejudice. Spirit comes into the world wild and free, and has no idea of the adventure he’s heading out on. When you hear Here I am in the end of the movie, it’s about how you enter the world with the love of your life by your side, how the world is new and fresh, and nothing can stop you. So the movie starts with an adventure and ends with the beginning of a new one.

Another great thing about this movie is that the animals aren’t talking, it may sound boring but it works. The movie is narrated by Spirit, by Matt Damon, so this movie is so filled with talent and it really takes it to the next level. It’s rather beautiful drawn, but nothing extraordinary, but it’s the connection between the story and the soundtrack that makes this movie something special. I wont go in details with the story, I’ll just describe my favorite passages. Spirit is a wild stallion and gets captured my some soldiers, there’s an amazing shot where it’s dark and thunder strikes, you see spirit walk hopeless behind his captures while Bryan Adams sings: “You can’t take me I’m free.” Oh it’s so good. The soldiers try to break Spirit in, but he’s feisty and wont give up, so they starve him and tie him to a pole, so he can lose his strength. While he’s tied he meets the indian Little Creek, he’s like Spirit a free spirit πŸ˜‰ They are brothers under the sun, wich is another amazing song that I have a very special connection to. I always start thinking of my brother, and our relationship. We have never been able to communicate very well, we don’t talk about our problems and dreams, only shallow things like our silly taste in movies. Still every time he’s sad I get sad to, for some reason. My mental wellbeing is connected to his, and his to mine. So even though we never talk, we always know how the other one feels, and it’s influences our own state of mind.

Anyway Little Creek and Spirit escape this “prison” and runs into the wild. In the indian camp Spirit meets Little Creek beautiful mare Rain. The fact that the animals aren’t talking, they communicate through body language and it’s so brilliant. We know what Spirit thinks since it’s narrated, but you never get to know what’s going on in Rain’s mind, and I love that. It’s not like you need a lot about horses to read the body language, it’s rather simple and hilarious. So now we move on to greatest scene in the movie, Spirit gets in a lot of trouble wont reveal what happens in details, but Spirit is captured again and is being put on a train. On the train ride there’s the most amazing and heartbreaking song “Sound the bugle” it’s fantastic, and leaves a tear on my cheek every single time.

Is that awesome or what πŸ˜‰

So this was a little bit about a totally watchable movie πŸ˜‰ Now I have obsessed about the soundtrack all week, so I’m hoping that my movie girls wanna watch Spirit on saturday πŸ˜‰ Having a real sing-a-long happening… Of course if they read this, they’ll know that I’m totally over excited and will be unbearable to be in the same room with during this movie.. But cross your fingers…

Well, this might be my favorite song and passage in the movie.. It’s sooooo good.. Now I’m not even sure I can wait until saturday, I’ll might just find my tissues and watch it now…

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Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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2 Responses to Spirit

  1. stenfalk says:

    oh we read it all right… if you had not posted sound the bugle, i would have been on board… now i am just to sad…
    anyway, brothers under the sun, sure means something different to you than it does to me- hehe πŸ˜›
    you can’t take me has always been Apollon’s title song…. i swear i have heard him singing it every time he has run me over and left me for death on the road side… πŸ˜‰

    i remember when this movie first came out- i did not want to watch it, i thought it was another stupid cartoon about horses… then i was told that ØstergΓ₯rd was up for sale and i had to find a new place for my boys within a month and my whole world just came tumbeling down… i went home and my mom made me watch Spirit to take my mind off things and i cryed my way through it and got up when it was over and began looking for a new home for my boys. after all, i am a soldier now, fighting in a battle….

  2. Sorry, honey but sound the bugle is so amazing.. I couldn’t not post it… Yeah I know, I think I’m the only one to wich brothers under the sun means that, and I can’t really describe why, I think that the first time I heard I just saw my brother, and then well that image stuck.. heh, oh I can easely imagine Apollon singing that.. Brilliant..
    I also didn’t want to watch it, most horse movies are just wrong, and I always get increadibly annoyed. But Spirit is so different.. Too be free once more, yeah that’s worth fighting for…

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