International term

I study financial bachelor, meaning I’m can work in banks, in ensurance, realestate, economic divisions and accounting. It may sound boring but there’s so much more to this than just putting in numbers on a computer. Today it’s more about advicing clients, and this is why it attracts me, if there weren’t a social aspects I would go nuts, if I should just sit there in front of a computer staring at numbers all day. But anyway next fall we are going to have an international semester, meaning six months in a foreign country, rather scary. First I needed some practical things fall into place, before I even considered researching the opportunities. I needed someone to take care of my horse, fortunatly a great friend of mine was quick to offer her help. (Thanks again honey) I also needed to figure out what to with my apartment, money and stuff like that, but when it looked duable I started dreaming. My first plan was Tacoma, Washington in the US, but it’s just so far away and would become a very expensive trip so I killed this plan early. My next plan was Oxford University in England, but well it’s a tough school to get into, because it very high prestige, I got contact to one of the responsible and he told me that a semester would cost right in the amount of 10.000 Euro in graduation fee’s only, so well then that dream died 😉 Then my plan was Lyon in France, until me and my friend realised that we couldn’t get the reguired subjects at this school.. Bugger… Then me and three others decided on this really cool Swedish school in Helsinki.. I really wanted to go there, when would you ever get to Helsinki and I’ve heard there’s hot guys in Finland, but unfortunatly they also didn’t have the right subjects.. This is extremely annoying, because me and my friends were back to scratch. So we decided to write almost every business school in Belgium, France and Spain. Only two of them were a match for our curriculum, one in Paris and one in Brussels. So now we need to pick, I really want to go to Paris, but two guys from our class has kinda reserved two spots there, and we can only get four. Two of my girlfriends wants to go to Brussels and I still haven’t heard from the last one. So now my crisis is should I follow my dream and go to Paris, or follow my good friends and go to Brussels. The thing is I fear that without some close friends I’ll never leave my room, but on the other hand I don’t really want to go to Brussels, so it should be a simple descision but somehow it isn’t. One of my closest friends finishes her education this summer, she’s an amazing artist and always talks about how much she wants to go to Paris, so I’m considering asking her to come with me. Even though I wouldn’t have her during school, it would be nice to have a friend to come home to. If she wants to go with me, it’s an easy decsision otherwise I’m not sure what to do. It would be so much fun going with the girls from the study, they are all fantastic, so with them Brussels might become more awesome. The two guys who’s going to Paris are actually very sweet, we would probably also have a lot of fun, but they are guys and they probably don’t want some girl tacking along. So I hate making these descisions, exspecially because I should just be thrilled both places are amazing, and no matter where I go it’ll be a fantastic experience so I should really just shut up 😉

About theevilicequeen

Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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5 Responses to International term

  1. stenfalk says:

    you should, really, just shut up… anyway, go to paris… if you dont have any friends, you will have time to write on your blog and hang on face book with me… see, that was not a hard choice now, was it?

    i am really disapointed that you can’t go to helsinki… here i was imagining you running into Ville and fianlly realizing just how hot he is… *sigh* there goes that dream….

    of course i will look out for your horse, i can look after your flat as well, dont worry 😛 muha, just hand over the keys, i will take good care of it while youre gone 😉

  2. Sorry honey it’s gonna be Brussels.. But of course I’ll still write on my blog.. No worries..
    Haha, oh that’s what you wanted, what would you have done if I gotten home from Helsinki married to Ville ? 😉
    Thanks again darling.. Well my sister is looking after my flat, but you can get my sparekey, then you can also use it.. 🙂

  3. stenfalk says:

    what would i have done? if you had gotten married to ville, i have to ask, would you disown me if i drugged your husband and made him cheat on you- days of our lives style?
    muahahahaha i dont think you want me to have a spare key to your flat… i might change the lock while you are away 😉

  4. MUHAHAHAHA.. if I was madly in love I probably would.. But luckily we’ll never gonna have to find out 😉 You wouldn’t dare… Heh… But you might be right why risk it 😉

  5. stenfalk says:

    hahaha I love your faith in me 🙂

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