The Blue Planet

I love watching nature shows, there’s something calming about watching beautiful footage of nature and animals. The Blue Planet, is about well all animals who lives in water or by water. I saw it last when it was on tv many years ago, but now I’ve watched the first episode again and I’m not quite sure I’m capable of watching the next episodes, NATURE IS EVIL.

We follow this gray whale and her calves, these huge mammals are those who travels the longest distance of all mammals. Since the mothers calves isn’t fully grown they can’t travel very fast otherwise the calves would get tired. Suddenly five Orca Whales starts following them, they don’t stand a chance against the fully grown mother, but the calves is a perfect target. They follow the two grey whales for six hours, unable to attack them while they’re on the move, but eventually the calves get tired and the mother has to stop and support her baby. Then the killer whales starts strategically trying to swim between the mother and child to separate them, the mother fights brave, but the calves is too tired to move and eventually the Orcas get the baby gray whale. The mother swims along, without her baby. Heartbreaking. Then you’re told that the killer whales only the bottom jar and tongue of the huge animal, the rest of the carcass fall into the depths to feed creepy animals at the bottom of the ocean. I sat with a weird feeling in my stomach during this scene, because the Orca’s needed food, but it’s just so sad that the mother had to lose her child. No matter what somebody would lose, and it’s hard to see what would have been the lesser evil. Luckily this episode was also filled with happy moments, such as the dolphins having a huge feast of sardines, I don’t feel sorry for the sardines because well I’m not sure why technically I should but they are fish, and in some way I think less of them.

The funniest thing about these shows are my reaction to sharks. Sharks always gets a signature melody that plays every time they swim on to the screen. I’m extremely fascinated by these creatures, they are so perfectly trained killers that they are practically perfect. But every time they’re on the screen I never relax, because I know that they’ll all of a sudden make a sudden move and scare me shitless. I also am to afraid to google “Shark” because I fear for the pictures that might enter my screen, silly I know. But anyway The Blue Planet is an amazing series, and it’s narrated by the brilliant David Attenborough, I’ll highly recommend it, because it’s both beautiful and you’ll learn a lot.

This is the clip with the Killer whales vs. gray whales

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5 Responses to The Blue Planet

  1. stenfalk says:

    and i am not watching that video… thanks for ruining my day by this evil post…

  2. It’s not that bad.. It’s only dies a little.. Sorry honey, didn’t meen too… Just needed to share my misery with others…

  3. stenfalk says:

    you meant to all right,,,, there is a reason you are the evil icequeen…. why do you watch that stuff anyway? 😦

  4. Well not all of it is about animals getting killed… Most of the time it’s about how fascinating these creatures are.. And it’s a part of nature that the carnivores kills other animals, it’s the circle of life. (MUHAHAHAHA now that song will haunt your mind) It’s just very interesting, learning about nature 🙂

  5. stenfalk says:

    thanks, i really needed a disney song haunting me 😛

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