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Getting older

I know I’m not allowed to write this blog just yet, but I really want to, and it’s my blog so deal with it 😉 I’m only 22 and I can already feel myself change a little due to my … Continue reading

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In the cold light of morning

In the cold light of morning. She woke up in a strange bed, the sun shined through the thin curtains, leaving a small line of light on her left calf, where the half torn pantyhose was a clear evidence of … Continue reading

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The Lonely boy

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little bookish boy, also known as the Lonely Boy. You could always find him reading a book, in this beautiful part of Central Park, he always sat on the same bench between … Continue reading

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I’m a horrible person. I now that one of my friends out there will bust my chops for saying that, but I am. I have been on several horrible dates.. Horrible.. I have dated some stupid guys.. And then the … Continue reading

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Well today I started writing a blog about sex, but now I have changed my mind and will talk about something much funnier.. 🙂 SCRUBS.. It’s an american television series, about a hospital and the people who work there. It’s … Continue reading

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A phenomenon I’ve become addicted to, every time I see two male celebrities I always imagine them being a little bit more than just friends. I love the word bromance, men are very closed off most of the time, but … Continue reading

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Academy Awards 2011

A little late recap of the Academy Awards… I’m a sucker for movies, a huge nerd. So every year I can barely stand the days before the golden globe and Academy awards, of bare excitement. I love these shows, the … Continue reading

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