The King’s Speech

Oh well.. These last posts have been a bit depressed, so today I’ll write about something more amusing… Hmm, now I’ve been staring into the screen for about five minutes, while I should have been working on my homework, a report about financial law.. Sigh.. My priorities are weird, but I can’t come up with anything fun to write about, I’m so used to only writing blog’s while I’m depressed or drunk.. So this is rather frustrating..

What makes me happy? At the moment nothing, apparently.. I could write about my friends and family, because they do make me happy, but right now I would probably be able to make even that a sob story… Uh uh I got something.. Buhja.. Last monday I watched The Kings Speech, that movie made me happy.. Is was an amazing movie about King George VI of England, how he became king even though he wasn’t the original heir to the throne and about how he struggled to overcome his speech impediment. Nothing else happens, this might sound extremely boring but it wasn’t.

First of all I might not be very objective, because I’ve been looking forward to this movie for about nine months. I had huge expectations and they were all filled, I’m so psyched about this movie that I can’t write fast enough.. 😉

King George is being played by one of my favorite actors Colin Firth, he’s so fantastic in this movie and he well deserved won an academy award for his performance. He should have won last year were he was nominated for A Single Man, in which he too was magnificent, and as a cherry played a homosexual 😉

But his portrait of this troubled king, is humble and proud, its brilliant. I instantly fell in love with this character and when he held his final speech I was at the edge of my chair, praying that he would succeed. I was amazed how a so eventless movie could be so exciting.

Geoffrey Rush plays the kings unorthodox australian speech therapist. He too is genius, he cuckoo and that complements Firth’s silent and yet tempered nature perfectly. These two were a perfect match, and I enjoyed every scene.

Also praise for the director Tom Hooper, he has done an amazing job with this movie. There are scenes so disgustingly beautiful that it is unbelievable, perfection. Usually you can sit and wonder how you would have portrayed a scene, to make it better, but most of this movie was perfect. Of course it has some flaws, but most of them just made the movie even more beautiful.

A thing that the director does that I thought was brilliant, was that he rarely placed the characters in the center of the shoot, but on either the left or right side. With this he could easily portray the characters mood and state of mind, by letting them fill a small or big part of the picture. There’s this scene where the king opens his heart to his new-found friend, and he’s being placed in the bottom left corner, making this tall man seem very small, and insignificant as he has felt in his family.

This may all sound silly, but it’s an amazing story about a man forced to deal with not only his own short comings, but a world about to go into war. I watch a lot of movies, and I’ll admit that I’m a huge nerd, this movie made my nerd-me very happy and in the end that’s all my life is about 😉 MUHAHAHAHA

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