Desperate Housewives

I’ve just finished the sixth season, and every time I watch the last episode I’m amazed how this show still can shock me. If you haven’t seen this season, stop reading cause: SPOILER ALERT πŸ˜‰

At Wisteria Lane there have been several attacks on women, they’ve all been strangled, some have died and some have survived. Nobody knows who the killer is, and by the looks of it the only connection there is between the girls are beauty.

In this entire season this kid, Eddie, he’s friends with the Scavo’s kids. He skinny, with semi-long dark hair, he isn’t ugly just not the one that stands out from the crowd. We learn that his mother is a heavy alcoholic, and that his father left when he was four years old. The mother have blamed him for her misfortune, and often said that he’s the worst that ever happened to her or laugh and mock him. Well, this rarely adds up to a happy teenager.

He desperately wants a girlfriend, but keeps getting turned down, so he strangles them. Well there’s a lot of details about how he met all the other housewives, but I just want to focus on one, Lynette Scavo.

Lynette always wants to save the world, and therefore she often meddles, not always for the best. But she sees how Eddie’s mother abuses him, and offers him to stay in their home, right after he has killed his own mother, because she found out that he was the one who had killed all those other girls, nobody else knows this of course.

Eddie moves in with the Scavo’s and displays at some point a violent temper, towards one of the twins that doesn’t speak to his mother with any respect. Eddie’s very protective of the women who reaches out for him, but can’t stand the ones that ignore or mock him. Well well, anyway the body of one of the twins ex-fiancΓ© appears, she has also been strangled, and again it’s Eddie, after this discovery he leaves the Scavo family, who still is unaware that the boy is a murderer.

There’s this touching scene where Eddie is about to leave, and tells Lynette that he wonder how different his life would have been, if she’d been his mother.

But on to the scene that took my breath away. Lynette goes to Eddie’s house to tell him, that his mother’s dead body had been digged up in a near forest. But before she does, Eddie lies and tell that he’d just spoken with his mother, Lynette first thinks that the police then might have gotten the wrong name, but when she tell him what she thought, she can see in his face that something is not right. Lynette then realises that Eddie has killed his own mother, she tries to convince him to turn himself in, but then Eddie reveals that he also have killed the other girls.

Eddie takes Lynette hostage, but then her water breaks. She begs him to take her to the hospital, but he wont. When Eddie finally realises that he must, it’s to late and Lynette is giving birth to the baby girl right there on the couch. The umbilical cord is wrapped around the babies neck, and Eddie needs to help her, but he can’t. Lynette forces him by saying: You’ve got a chance to save a life. The baby is born, and Eddie is about to leave, but Lynette begs him to turn him self in, because if he doesn’t he will forever be trapped by the prison in his mind.

It’s so beautiful, I know it’s tragic and all but it’s so yeah beautiful, they both have tears and panic in their eyes, and are fighting with so many different emotions. Eddie finally agrees that he should turn himself in, he sits down beside Lynette, and he tells her to make the call. And now to one of the greatest moments in any tv-show, Lynette hands over her baby girl to this psychopath so she can pick up the phone and make the call that will put him in jail. Oh my God.. Lynette is such an amazing character, who would do that? Even though he has killed a dozen girls, she wants to show him that she trust him and believes in him, by letting him holding her baby.

I thought it was such a fantastic moment, and I sat there with tears in my eyes and shaking. It may sound weird that I had such a strong reaction, but I thought it was beyond brilliant.

So I love this show, with all its pain and humor, I love the universe, and how they can still surprise me. Of course some of the storylines where easy to figure out, but that’s because we’ve learned never to trust anyone or anything at Wisteria Lane πŸ˜‰

And now a little video with all the hot guys from the show πŸ™‚ My favourites are nr. 16 Andrew (Our little gay boy), nr. 15 Tom Scavo (Grrr), nr. 13 Danny Bolen (Such a cutie cute), nr. 10 Justin, nr. 9 JACKSON (My favourite gay guy BUHJA), nr. 8 Ian (The british guy), nr. 7 John Rowland (The all time sexiest gardener), nr. 2 Keith Jones (Or hot grown up David ;-)) and nr. 1 Mike Delfino, there’s just something about him not quite sure what. I also like nr. 17, 11, 6, 5 and 3 but you have to cut the line somewhere…

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3 Responses to Desperate Housewives

  1. stenfalk says:

    your favorite gay guy? cool, i will take brian off your hands then… I honestly thought this season was a bit a repeat of the others… and that Lynette should be turned in to child protective servises for handing over her kid to a killer… wonder what that girl is going to feel like once she grows up and is told the story… Oh, cool, mom cared more for the crazy serial killer than for my safty… πŸ˜›

  2. In my world he is Brian.. πŸ™‚ Gale Harold equals Brian, and he’s mine.. They are all a repeat of the others, new family moves in and they are scary πŸ˜‰ But I love all the personal drama, and the characters.. But why on earth did they kill Karl, that didn’t seem fair.. Yeah, I know that it sounds crazy her handing over her baby, but she has mostly seen him as this abused kid, who was a good friend of her boys.. And I admired that she could put that above.. And well I wouldn’t tell my child that story πŸ˜‰ But on the other hand, Lynette knew that he wouldn’t hurt this baby girl, I think she wanted to reward the fact that he was brave enough to turn himself in, with her trust…

  3. stenfalk says:

    damn… well… we can agree on that gale is HOT… and andrew is real sweet πŸ˜‰

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