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The polar bear is back…

After a long break on the polar bear story, I’ve finally pulled myself together and written the next chapter.. Well, I’ve basically just copy-pasted, but what the hell it all counts.. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it… And this is such a … Continue reading

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What’s next??

Hmm, how to follow-up a gay pirate story?? I know it’s rather difficult.. But I’m pretty sure I’ve found the solution GAY VIDEOS… 🙂 Yeah I know, sometimes I’m at bit of a genius or well you know.. MUHAHAHAHA It’s … Continue reading

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A tale of a blacksmith

Once upon a time there was this blacksmith called Will Turner, he lived in shabby house in Port Royal in the Caribbean. He rarely experienced anything, all he did was make these beautiful swords and practice with them. Eventually he … Continue reading

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My new favorite quote!!

Muhahaha… Found this quote on Facebook.. “I didn’t fall… the floor just needed a hug…!!” This is gonna be my new motto… I lack motoricskills so sometimes my legs just get ahead of me, I don’t think they like me … Continue reading

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Is this a kissing book?

Do you know Cary Elwes? He plays Robin Hood in Men in Tights, Kent in Hot Shots!, Jerry in Liar Liar, the evil Edgar in Ella Enchanted and many others. You might not know who he is but you probably … Continue reading

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Why do I keep doing this??

So, here I am again. I’ve realised that I’m not very good at studying, actually I’m horrible at it. I have now discipline, non at all and even though I kinda like my current study I’m incapable of reading and … Continue reading

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