My new favorite quote!!

Muhahaha… Found this quote on Facebook..

I didn’t fall… the floor just needed a hug…!!”

This is gonna be my new motto… I lack motoricskills so sometimes my legs just get ahead of me, I don’t think they like me very much.. But now I realise that I’m just a good person, who cares about the poor floors we constantly walk all over. Of course they need hugs, I’m just not sure I find it fair that they all have decided to drag me down, but if that’s my calling I’m gonna be okay with that..

This has no connection what so ever to what I just wrote, but I just needed to post this.. It’s a music video by Lady Gaga called Judas, I must admit I love this girl she’s nothing less that a genius..

Uh, I would also like to add this acustic version, she’s just so superior and cool. Again I love her… 😉

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Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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14 Responses to My new favorite quote!!

  1. stenfalk says:

    and i am officially deleting you as a friend on face book now…. lady gaga? really???

  2. You’re allowed to do that, I want judge 😉 Yeah I love her, she’s just so brilliant… Pushing the boundries, “challenges” the society and religion and just makes damn good pop music.. I love all of her songs, everytime I come agross a new one I instantly fall in love.. This girl is capable of doing something special, not sure what it is but I think she’s amazing and very talented..

  3. stenfalk says:

    Honestly, there is nothing challenging in this song- or video… you are just to young … I have seen it all before, and Jesus christ superstar, is SO much more in every possible way…. as for the song, that is a matter of taste i guess, but calling her a genious?
    its pop music… how much brain does it take? 😉

  4. Well, perhabs… yeah well Jesus christ superstar, I don’t feel like commenting on that one, because that one never really got to me… I really think that she’s pushing the boundries, not only in this video but in general, and maybe mostly regarding adrogyness and sexuality.. And yeah I do believe she’s a musical genius, I really do… It’s so much more than popmusic… But I knew that you probably wouldn’t agree with me on that one 😉 Of course I don’t know much about all the technical things in music, I just know that she’s managed to make me love every single and musicvideo… I know that it’s a matter of opinion, and some can’t see that she’s doing anything different than all the other popmusicians today… But I really thinks that she’s doing something very special, and that she’s gonna be an icon in musical history… Phew long comment.. MUHAHAHA

  5. stenfalk says:

    well, goes to show how different we are… 😉
    if you love it, then thats cool… and I get that she might be a bit more out there than most others, but I think her way of going about it is rather cheap…
    as for icons… well, I dont know… I am keeping my fingers crossed that she is just a “few hit wonder” 😉 but then again, there are a lot of icons, I dont agree with…
    maybe I am just too old… 😛

  6. I know… 😉 Well, if she doesn’t keep on going she will end up as a “few hit wonder” (nice term by the way :-)) I’ll cross my fingers that she wont… And I’m just gonna have to realise, that I’ll never be able to shake of my teenage-pop-self, that’s gonna haunt me till the day I die, and I love it… MUHAHAHAHA

  7. stenfalk says:

    trouble is, my teenage pop self, fell deeply, madly, passionatly in love with Jim Morrison… I think I have a missing link in my brain where stuff like gaga is supposed to be… i dont miss it by the way 😉
    I would have loved to call her a one hit wonder, but that would be too late now… *sigh*

  8. Life is cruel, honey 😉 I fell for Jimmy a little later, when my mind already was infested with the spice girls and backstreet boys.. MUHAHAHA

  9. stenfalk says:

    Jimmy? if anything, call him Jimbo please… 😉 and you know what, backstreet boys are not so bad… spice girls I can live with as well, at least they had a sense of humor…
    and here is where I draw a blank with you… you think Jimbo is hot, but Ville is not? I will never understand how parts of your mind works… 😛

  10. Hihi, come on Jimmy is way more fun than Jimbo.. 😉 In my world he’ll always be Jimmy… Lady Gaga to has a sense of humor.. Very much in fact.. See that where I don’t get you, why is Backstreet and Spice better than Gaga? I don’t get that…
    And well Ville just doesn’t do it for me.. 😉

  11. LHK says:

    I must admit i like her too… I’m not sure i love her, yet… but i like a lot of her songs, and she is cool and totally ground breaking…!

    And she is gonna be a icon…! She just beat Oprah Winfrey on Forbes Celebrity 100 list, the list over the most powerfull in the entertainment buisness this year…!

    She allready is an Icon…!

  12. Buhja… Thanks sweety… Uh, I didn’t know the Oprah thing, that’s so cool.. Hmm, I just hope the world emperor can handle having two friends, who are Lady Gaga fans 😉

  13. stenfalk says:

    *deleting you both and plaicng you on the top of my hit list along with your icon*

  14. jen says:

    Sorry Stenfalk, I have to jump on the Lady Gaga bandwagon also (even though, at my age, I should know better). Seems like most people in the States either love her or hate her. I think a lot of people are uncomfortable because she pushes the envelope. She’s fearless, and I really admire that. From the little I have seen, she also seems to be intelligent and well-spoken. And her music makes me want to dance (or at least bob my head and sing along). She reminds me a lot of Madonna, back in the day. That’s who the pop icon was when I was young!

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