Roskilde Festival

I’m so sorry that I haven’t written anything here in like forever. But life has kind of attacked me.

A couple of weeks ago I was at Roskilde Festival. This is one of the biggest festivals in Europe (I think) with over 100.000 people, drinking, partying, enjoying their favorite music and yeah well pooping.

My first acquaintance with a festival toilet was horrifying. But I pulled through and was surprised of how quickly I adapted into this environment. I’ll admit I love sleeping in a tent and in my sleeping bag. I feel safe for some weird reason, even though I can’t imagine sleeping in a more unsafe place. Well perhaps a bench in a troubled neighborhood. 😉 I loved the entire thing, waking up having nothing else to do than getting a little breakfast and then your first beer. All day just sitting around in a chair playing beer-bowling, talking and making silly pranks. I needed this week more than I thought. My mind has been filled with worries, and it was nice letting them go for a while.

We were very lucky with the weather, except for saturday where there was heavy rain and thunder. My friend and I were at the festival site when it happened, and it was an amazing experience. The rain came pouring down, while lightning lightened the sky in purple and pink. I was so terrified, but it was so beautiful. We found shelter under a large tent, but we were already soaked, but for some reason it didn’t matter, the only thing we regretted was that we hadn’t bought anything to eat. 😉

We also watched a lot of concerts. And it was amazing standing between 60.000 people in front of the biggest scene at Roskilde, called Orange Scene. We watched Portishead from the first pit, and Kaizers Orchestra from the back tribunes, and I’m so glad I experienced both, because that was truly amazing.

One of my favorite concerts were with Arctic Monkeys, I love them so much. And the lead singer was so sexy and a badass, that I was drooling my way through the entire performance. It was fantastic.

I also watched Raveonettes, PJ Harvey, VETO, a little bit of Bright Eyes, Iron Maiden and probably some others.

But the best concert in my opinion was with the Danish band LoveShop. I was very sick the day, they played but dragged my ass up there, and it was perfect. The lead singer Jens Unmack is amazing. The band has a kind of tragic story because the three person band now is only a one person band. The original line up included Henrik Hall and Hilmer Hassig. Henrik Hall died of cancer earlier this year and Hilmer Hassig died in a  traffic accident in 2008. Jens Unmack has replaced his friends with a talented group, but the entire concert seemed to be a tribute to Henrik Hall, and it was so beautiful. It wasn’t a cry fest far from it, because Unmack is so energetic and brilliant, he made it a truly fantastic experience.

This is my favorite song by LoveShop. It’s in Danish, if you were wondering 😉

So Roskilde festival was great, a huge experience, but next year I can only afford one festival and I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna choose Smukfest, another Danish music festival. It’s a lot smaller only about 35.000 people, but it’s set in this beautiful forest and the music programme fits me perfectly. At Roskilde you weren’t allowed to say this but Smukfest is in my opinion a better festival.

Roskilde was something I had to experience, and it was amazing watching 100.000 people just throwing all of their inhibitions away. Scary but amazing 😉

And now just some music videos by some of the other artists we saw.

And one from Portishead, wow they were great 🙂

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Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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