The Danish Election part one

So, a dear friend of mine has just wrote about the upcoming election, and she votes the opposite of me, so of course I need to write about my thoughts on the mater.

Here’s a link to her blog, so that you can check it out before or after you’ve read mine πŸ™‚

The problem in Denmark in my opinion is that there’s only one party that actually follows an actual ideology, and that’s the Conservative Peoples Party, they aren’t really conservative anymore but Liberal, and that works for me.

I never listens that much to all this election propaganda, because I hate the way they all seem to care about everything, but we all know that nothing will happen after the election.

So I always look at how they propose to spend our finance, I want to know where my tax money is going, so I always read every parties proposition, and oh my goodness.

It’s like the left-wing has no idea where all the money comes from, because let’s face, it it’s those working in the private sector who’s supporting the rest of us. Because those who work in the public sector, is being paid by the state. Right now, half of the Danish population is getting money from the state including me (by studying), and that’s fine by me, those who need help should get help. But the fact is that the half population that does work, half of them is working in the public sector, meaning that something like 25 % of the population is supporting the rest. Is it just me who can see the problem in that?

So that’s why I believe that we need to focus on improving the private sector, so that we can help those who need help.

My main focus has always been how we should finance our welfare, and not all those empty promises all parties comes up with during an election campaign.

My friend wrote that she thought that our press is right-wing, I don’t think that. There’s two big tv stations in Denmark, one that’s completely financed by the state called DR and one who’s partly financed by the state TV2. DR is very left-wing, and TV2 is right-wing. This makes perfect sense in my eyes.

The newspaper press is always divided into left and right-wing papers. So people just read the newspapers who fit their opinion, but I always enjoy reading the left-wing newspapers, if nothing just for a good laugh. Both the right and left-wing newspapers is always attacking each other, it’s kind of sad, but it’s just the way it is.

Back to this election, I hate that everybody is just yelling at each other instead of covering their own politics, I have no respect for that, what so ever. So that’s also why I vote on the Conservative, they haven’t been as bad as all the others and they actually have a financial politic, and that’s their main subject during this election, that’s important to me, because without a financial plan how can you actually suggest anything?

So to talk about some of the subjects that’s always discussed in Denmark;

Emigration: This is a very hot subject and dangerous to discuss. In Denmark we aren’t very nice towards one another, even in different parts of Denmark, people don’t like Danish from other parts of Denmark. The problem in Denmark right now is that you can’t treat immigrants like other Danish, because then you’re a racist. Once a muslim woman jumped in front of me in line at the supermarket, and I called her on it, and then she started yelling at me and called me a racist, woops I guess. Of course we should help those in need, but let’s face it if we don’t have rules we’re all of a sudden supporting half the world, and right now due to the crisis we can just barely support ourselves. So call me selfish, but I believe that we should get our economy under control.

I have high respect for those who really integrates in Denmark, they show that it’s possible, and I think that very admirable. Β In my opinion immigrants who comes to Denmark, has it rather well, a family of two adults and two children gets right about 3000 Euro’s a months after taxes, and you can easily live of that. My family and I had 2000 Euro a month, for a couple of years and we were five people, and we made lived fine. Therefor I believe that it’s fair to expect for them to try, to integrate and learn the language or at least english. Right now I live in Brussels, not that I’m a fugitive or anything and I’m here by my own free will, but I’m busting my ass of trying to learn both Dutch and French, so that I can communicate with them down here, without expecting them to speak english and I’m only staying here for four months. I just hate feeling like a stranger in a foreign land, I would much rather feel welcome. It may have been a bad comparison, but what the hell, I just really want to see just a little gratitude.

Now you may think why should they be grateful when were the ones ruining their countries by war, but the three biggest groups of immigrants in Denmark is Turkey, Germany and Polen, and as far as I know we aren’t leading war against any of those countries. On the fourth we find Iraq with 20.000 people, I’m glad that we can help these people, because I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to lose your country, but why not give Denmark a real chance? I would love it, if they did.

I will post part two tomorrow.

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12 Responses to The Danish Election part one

  1. stenfalk says:

    *must not comment must not comment must not comment*
    Danm, sorry, I failed… DR is left wing????? Where? People who say that, must not know what left wing means πŸ˜‰

    Where do you get the numbers for what the imigrants are paied? Honestly, they get the starter package, “start-pakken” and it’s half of what I get on welfare. Because they are married, the man must support the wife, so she does not get anything and neither do the kids… I am sorry sweetheart, but who ever told you other wise was lying to your face.

    Gratitude? Do you really want a world where you can’t live in a country of your own choosing? If people from Germany comes here, it is because they are looking for work, and because we let them work her for less than minimum pay- which is killing the Danish unions. All Danish truck drivers for instance, are losing their jobs, because people from Polen and Gernamy are willing to- illeagaly- work for far less than they should. They need to be greatfull that we are such a fucked up country?

    And I am sorry, but Conservative? With their financial plan of “let’s not make the rich pay taxes at all, so they will become richer and then create more jobs for the poor, so they can pay taxes,” I am sorry, but that is not a good plan in my eyes. But then again, I am not rich.

  2. Comment all you want baby πŸ™‚
    Regarding DR, the interviewers just more often attack the right-wing politicians than the left-wing. I’ll admit since I’ve been in Belgium during this campaign I haven’t seen DR much. But last time, while they were suppose to be objective, they always attack right-wing and defende left-wing.
    I’m not starting about the starters package, but what you get when you get officially approved for money, and I feel that it would be weird if those I’ve heard it from lied, since it was a family from Turkey who told me, I’m sorry honey.

    And regarding immigration, it’s exactly because of the germans and polish people stealing our jobs, I believe that we should be a bit more strict with our immigration politics. If we didn’t allow as many germans and polish, it would probably also be easier for muslims to get jobs.

    And it’s not like the rich shouldn’t pay taxes at all, it just isn’t fair that because you’ve worked your ass of to build a company, you should support the rest of the country by paying over half of your income in taxes. If these people didn’t want to work, Denmark would really be screwed, they could have worked in a public office somewhere, but they are being punished because they got an idea and created something. I really don’t think that’s fair. And because of this system, many might hide a brilliant idea in their mind, because it just doesn’t make financial sense, to bring it to life in Denmark.
    And let’s face it, we need to create more jobs, so it needs to make sense to start a company, and it would be if we remove the highest tax rate, and if then more jobs created then the public finance will earn money this way.

  3. stenfalk says:

    okay, I have not been following the campains much either, this time, but when I have I have felt the need to kick someone….
    and they don’t steal our jobs- we give them our jobs because the rich does not want to pay the people who work for them, so if some poor Polish guy will do it for half, they get hired. That is not imigration that needs to be tighter, that is our unions that needs to have more power, but guess what, our government has made it almost imposible for them to do anything about it.

    as for what the imigrants get- well, I don’t see how that could be accurate… really. If I married asger, we would have to live off his SU, because he would have to support me. are you telling me that it is differnet with married imigrants, because that would be a first…

    and of course it’s fair, that the rich pay up. Sorry. But the “they worked their ass off” argument is just *insert evil word here* ! So what, people with no education, becasue they did not have as good a chance in life, who work from sunrise to sundown at some crappy job, do not work their ass off???? Just to make a living? Are you telling me that the jobs that does not requre an edocation are a walk in the park? LIke working at a storrage or cleaning… Oh, that is not hard work, they deserve to be poor… and pay taxes… but those with a fancy degree who spend their days sitting in an office, they don’t have to pay, because they work soooo hard…
    Let’s face it, those people will always want to work, because they do it not only for the money but for the power as well. It is really the lazy people how work their way to the top, where they don’t have to do anything. You have been brought up with this sense of “do not steal from the rich” idea and I get why you think like you do, but come on, I thought you liked Robin Hood? πŸ˜‰

    and the Danish soceity is not fair. Children do not have the same chances in life, not all kids can get a good education, simply because our school system is not working and because their parents are poor and working night and day to support them, so there is no help with homework. those kids are bound to grow up and live their lives just like their parents did, working the crappy jobs that no one wants and always paying the bill so the rich can get richer and work less. I dont think THAT is fair.

    and NO ONE is bieng punished for starting up a company. Again, if the financial gain is a little less because they have to pay taxes, then the reward is still there. They still get to be the boss of others, not do the hard work themselves and go home to help their kids with their homework, so they won’t grow up to be working for others….

  4. Well, it’s not poor polish guy, because they get much much more working in Denmark than in Poland. And it’s not hard for the unions, they are a huge part of the problem, the raises they have fought for during our period of good economy was ridiculusly high. A danish worker in the building industry get’s twice as much as a german worker in his home country, and the german guy works twice as hard. So even though it’s very wrong not to hire danish workers, a part of me understands why a company does it.

    I don’t know about what the difference between you and asger and an immigrated family, I can see it doesn’t make sense. But again that’s what they told me.
    See, that’s were our ideology is different, of course the rich should pay as much taxes as the rest of Denmark, but not 15 % more, that’s just so unfair.

    And sweety I’ve worked one of those jobs were you get no pay, and worked from morning til sunset, running around until you feet ache so much that you can barely stand. And it was the best years of my life, and sometimes I have no idea why I just don’t go back and work there for the rest of my life, because it was so great. But well, since I was a little kid I’ve been told by people who’s been “less fortunate” than me, that I should exploid all my chances all use my good head. Well, I am but it has cost a lot of breakdowns. Those who work at low paying jobs, I know they work hard, but when they get home most of them can stop being at work. Not stress and just be with family or whatever. A man who has a high paying job is never off. All work is hard, and all work is important. All people are equally important, everybody surves the society in some way, so that’s why I don’t believe we should punish those with high wages, when it’s damaging our society by doing so.
    And again, I’m not saying those who’s rich shouldn’t pay, they are paying trust me a lot of money.

    I’ll just clarify something, having to work where you work mentally instead of physically is also hard. When you’re physicacly tired you can sleep at night, when you’re mentally tired you probably can’t. If you work cleaning, (as I’ve done to) you can go home feeling good, even though you’re tired, because you are off, once the bell rings. If you sit in an office working with numbers, papers or whatever, you’re never off. Once you get home, work will always follow you’re mind. Therefor I have equal respect for both types of jobs, they are both hard, but I think that the accountant will break down with stress before the cleaning lady, so why should he be punished even more.
    Rich people work a lot, all of my friends who have rich parents rarely see them, because they leave at seven in the morning and get home at seven in the evening, then there’s not many hours left to spend as a family. Some where send of to boarding school. I really think they would rather be poor, than only see their parents four times a year.

    Regarding this about the children, I have some examples from Faaborg. A friend of mine, both her parents works as doctors. How much time do you think they spend with her? Honestly, she never got any help with her homework, none. Others who’s parents worked as fishers, at factories or cleaning, they got home at four o’clock every day, and spend time with their kids. And another example, my parents couldn’t help me with my homework after 7th grade (and well english they never could) I still managed.

    And again, if you own a company you don’t get of at five o’clock. You never get off. Because it’s you’re responsibility that all your employees still have a job the following month, I know that there’s no amount of money, that would make me take on that kind of responsibility. I grew up with a father, who had his own company, and even though he worked from home, I only saw him during dinner. He worked days, nights, weekends. He almost killed himself trying,at one point he had ten employees, and once everything becan to fall apart, he had to fire them. Again, do you really think that’s fun? He had spend twenty years of his life to build this, just to see it crumble. He sacrificed never playing with his children, never watch any of their plays or watch them compete in anything. I don’t think the guy who works as carpenter would ever have to sacrifice that.

  5. stenfalk says:

    you know what, I don’t see why it’s unfair, that they should pay more, if they can afford it…

    as for the poor, being off when they go home… not likely… then they have to worry about how they are going to pay rent, what they are going to eat tomorrow and how they are going to tell their children that they can not take part in a sport because they can’t afford it.
    I don’t think you follow me here, The poor I am speaking off is not the middle class, who has enough to go around and still gets to spend time with their kids. I am speaking of the POOR, those who have nothing, and hoenstly, there is far too many of them.
    I grew up with a sick, single mother, raising three kids on her own. I know what it is like not to do sports, not to go on trips with your class mates- I was never along, for anything, because we did not have the money. I know what is is like to always have to wear too big clothes because you have to grow into it, so it will last longer. Okay, I will stop now, before I find my violin…. But I don’t see you missing that in your childhood. and I don’t envy you, don’t get me wrong, but you just had a better chance in life than me, which is why you are getting an education now and I am not. I rest my case…

    As for your father, I am sorry, but he chose to prize his company higher than his kids… If he had ten people working for him, don’t tell me that he couldn’t once have taken the time off to see you compete with your horse. That is not a sacrifice, I am sorry, but that is a choise.

    and hoenstly, the cleaning lady breaks down in her 40ties with a worn out body, but can’t get retirement, because she has worn herself out. The acountant can keep on working till he is 70. And youre wrong- I am sorry- but the people who break down from stress are those who work low income jobs, for instance like those who care for the old and sick. Simply because they are always late, they never have enough time to do the job, they get attacked by frustrated patients and on top of that, they are always threathened with getting fired. I get why they break down from stress. If the acountant do so too, he has got a serious problem, but it is not his job…

  6. I’m not denying that there’s poor people I’m not one of those. But the definition for being poor in Denmark is if you earn half as the normal danish citizen. Meaning if you get 8400 danish crones after taxes you’re poor. Still if you’re two people, both making 8400 a month you’re still poor even though you have 16800 a month.

    I know that many doesn’t get that much from the government, but they get something. Enough so you can live. (This you might comment hard on, but you can) Most of those who’s poor in Denmark is it in periods of maximum five years and I believe that many families have tried that, mine included.

    The problem is the only way of helping the poor is by making sure the Denmark has a healthy balance of finance. The only way to do that, is to make sure that enough people pay taxes. A way to do that, is by removing the highest tax rate, motivating those who’s rich to invest money and create more jobs, and better jobs with better pay for the poor.

    And the left-wing proposition with working 12 more minutes a day, are you freaking kidding me, it’s so not at all thought through. If all workers should work and hour more a week, guess what then one out of every thirty seventh person would get fired and then would be supported by the state. It makes no sense if those in the public sector should work extra 12 minutes, because that would just make it even more expensive for the government, so again it’s the private sector who’s being punished. Then the private companies are gonna pay more money to their workers, for four hours of work they didn’t ask for.

    I get that many has had a childhood like yours with only one parent, and working to hard to make the wheels go round. But as you said you still had a good childhood with a mother who was there. I don’t know anything about your mothers situation, but I guess that she has gotten some help from the state, no matter what she did get child-support and as a single parent I believe you get a little more.

    And regarding my father, no he couldn’t just take a day off. Because he was the boss. I know that he made a choice in fighting for his company, but he really wanted to achieve something. He did, for a brief second everything was good, and then followed by 18 years of struggle. And I was just using my father as an example to how the boss, does not just play golf and go on vacation. If you own a company you work, just as hard as the cleaning lady and if my family hadn’t went bankrupt and my father would have continued to work that hard, he would have been dead by now.

    And the cleaning lady, I’ll use another example. A friend of mine is a painter, she works very hard and well she’s worn down and only 23 years old. That’s just horrible. But first her boss was very nice and offered her to work half time, she tried that and it didn’t work. So now she’s studying HF, so she’s very happy that she lives in a country were she can get reschooled. I know that this probably is tougher for a fourty year old with kids, but it’s possible and you get a lot extra SU if you have children. I don’t think anybody want’s to get retired, if there’s a chance for them not to. But again, that’s probably just me. “Rich” me who was brought up by a rich family, and didn’t have to work long ours cleaning, mucking or working as a dishwasher to support my hobbies… Oh wait, I did…

    Well, I wish we could just agree on disagree. Because I believe in one way to solve this country’s financial issues, and you believe in another.

  7. stenfalk says:

    well we are going to have to agree to disagree, aren’t we ? πŸ˜› I don’t see any other way around it πŸ˜‰
    And again, where do you get your numbers? 8400? I get 7500. and if I were two, we would not get anything more and if I had kids, I would only get child support if I did not have a boy friend, no matter if we lived together or not.

    and yes, that is enough to make a family live, but that was not the point. The point was that we are not starving, but we do not have the same oppertuneties in life as those whose parents earn more, simply because already here, the poor are left out. you must know how kids are. “Why are you not comming on our class trip?” Oh, you quickly get a name as a loner and a wierdo and you know what, at some point you begin to live up to that. I am as i am as a direct result of my childhood- as are we all. I learned not to care what people thought of me and not to care that I could not go- for instance- christmas shopping with my dear friends, because well, it was never in the cards for me to be social. I could never afford that. I learned to do without. Lot’s of kids do. And they do not grow up to take part in society. I know that I am sick and an extreeme case, but there is a lot of kids like me, who never learned to fit in, becasue they never did.

    And I know you worked hard for everything you got- way too hard if you ask me. Which might be why you have had such a hard time in life. I have felt tremendiously sorry for you, for the pressure you have been under and the way you were always too proud to accept help when you desperatly needed it. And I get where you are comming from, everybody wants to be able to support themselves. I do to. I just can’t. That has been killing me for years, but at some point you live with it or you go hang yourself. And I am sorry that I do not have the desency to do that. I want to live, despite my fucked up body and the fact that I never had a chance. Which is why I am voting like I am and why I even bother to discuss it. I am fighting for my right to live. If blue blok had their way, I would be long gone.
    I am not trying to be dramatic here. I bet you don’t know what TERM is, but that is a center for chronically ill patients, like me, where they have been trying to send me for years. Aproved and founded by your government. People go there and they are treated with, for instance, medication for epepelisa, when they don’t have that, or they are given anti psycotics, when they are not mentally ill. You know what happens to people who get medication for epelepsia, when they don’t have it? They die.
    and those who get anti psycotics, when they are not mentally ill, they become mentally ill. Patients are dying or breaking down by being treated this way, and as such you can write them off the unemployment lists, because if they live, it will be in a mental hospital for the rest of their lives. I am sorry, but I won’t be one of them. I am hoping to any god that might listen that we get a new government that will listen and shut that place down, before I can escape being sent there no longer. Because the one thing about me that was never sick, was my mind.

  8. LHK says:

    I was one of those kids too, whose mother was alone, we never had a lot of money, I had on homemade clothes, I coludn’t go shopping with the others, I never went on holliday outside the contry in the wacation, I was allways different, I never fit in, and honestly I still dont…
    With time I found places where I did fit in, but it was always at places with other people who didn’t fit in…

    My mother did have time to help me, though she was home a lot later than four a’clock, but you know what, she couldn’t help because she never got an education herself, I had to make my own way all throgh gynasium and higher, and for what…? Nothing… Because now I can’t get a job…!

    And a lot of workes work at other times than 8-16, I for one work from 8-20, and your brother works at night… Just because I can put away my work when I get home, I can get stressed too, like when I work 50-60 hours at week. And just because you dont have your own company you can have a week thats that long… And work my ass off just as much as one who has his or hers own company…! I just dont get as much money for my work as that other guy, because I’m only a “worker”…!

  9. The 8400 is half of what the average danish citizen earns, so if you earn less than that you’re poor. So you’re poor sweety, and I guess me too… And you always get childsupport, no matter what.
    Well, at my school we just never arranged any class trips everyone couldn’t afford. And we always had bakesales before going anywhere, so our parents would never have to pay more, than everybody could come.
    I’m sorry that you missed out on classtrips honey, that isn’t fair at all. I’m glad you are the way you are, otherwise I might never have met you. I can totally understand you, and of course a families economy had impact on the person you become.
    But I wont talk about how people who grew up having nothing feels, because I don’t know. I’ve just written about how to finance Denmarks finances, and I wont write that again because I have already.
    And you shouldn’t feel sorry for me, yeah my family have had a couple of rough patches, but working hard have been my choice, I did this to help my family.
    And sweety this was never about you not supporting yourselves. I love you so much for fighting, and I hate that you can’t just get early retirement, and that you have to fight with all this bureaucratic shit. But a family member went through the same thing, last time during the red government. I’m afraid that it might be a lack of focus. I don’t know TERM, but I’ll read up on it.

    And then LHK’s comment.
    As I’ve earlier mentioned I grew up differently, and I wont repeat that. I’m sorry that you also didn’t have much growing up.
    And well, I’ve also never gotten help with homework, because my mother couldn’t help me after 7th grade.
    And again I’m not saying that you don’t work hard. I know you do, and I think you’re amazing that you’ve taken a job, even though it’s far from your field. Well, my brother earns good money working at night at that factory, and it’s also far below his education. There for I still hang on to my point of view that we have to focus on creating more jobs.
    And yes of course everybody can be stressed, at all jobs. Again I’m not saying that the worker doesn’t work hard, I’m just saying that you should also respect those who own their own company and those who work at an office, with responsibily of other peoples jobs. In my opinion of course they should earn more than me for example when I work as a waitress, in my opinion that’s only fair.
    I wont comment on these election posts anymore, but feel free to keep on commenting πŸ™‚

  10. LHK says:

    I am not saying that they shouldn’t earn more, of cause they should, their jobs has a lot of responesebility, and you should get paid for that… But I allso think that they have a resposibelity to the ones that are less fortunate than themselves, because we can not all have the “great” jobs… πŸ˜‰
    And yes the real problem is that we need to create more jobs, but I just dont belive that lowering the taxes for the rich is gonna cut it, there is no warranty that they will use the money on creating new jobs, they could just as well invest the lot in stocks, and then we are thoughly screwed…

    But if you give the ones that dont have a lot a bit more, you are a lot more sure that they will use them on consumption, buing better and maybe organic products, because they can then afford it, getting the possibilty to buy a house, a car so forward, and that will make a lot of jobs all over.

    And the pushing up the public investment, like super hospitals, highways and stuff, that makes job, sure they are goverment financed, but the money the workes gets, are gonna push out in the socity, and getteing the weels turning…!

    You need to use money to make money, someone properly wery important said, and they were right…!
    We, Denmark need to think outside the box, going on one track is not gonna cut it…!

    Hoping you are well, down there in Brussels, missing you here in Denmark… πŸ™‚

  11. stenfalk says:

    you can always join the face book groups “menneskesynet bag Term modellen og lΓ¦ge konsulenternes arbejde” and “Inger stΓΈjbergs enlige svaler” if you really want to know the truth about how sick people get treated in this country…

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