The Danish Election part two

So, do I dare to publish part two, hmm of course I do 🙂

Another subject that hasn’t been mentioned much this election, the environment. The problem with this is as with everything else, everybody wants to safe the planet, but no one proposes an actual way of financing this. So my standing on this subjects is watch Bjoern Lomborgs movie “Cool it” he actually has a plan, that would be possible to follow. We can spend a lot of money on the environment, but if we don’t spend them on the right things it serves no purpose. So I believe that we should focus on researching in air and water energy, those are lasting reserves and therefore worth spending money on. I’m still amused by the experiment in wich they started producing a filter for cars that should diminish the CO2 leak, but as it turned out producing and developing the filter, used more CO2 than it could ever prevent. All those millions could have saved lots of starving children in Africa.

We spend a crazy amount of money on research of the environment, we also send a lot of money to help third world countries, but nothing is happening. I have a couple of friends who’d been to Africa and help at schools or orphans, and they all say that they can’t see where the money is going. So my suggestion is, to start manage these large sums of money a lot better, so that we can actually make a change. The problem is that Denmark isn’t big and rich enough to actually make a difference, but if all or just some of the western countries could agree on how to spend these funds we could make a difference, I know that this will probably never be possible, but if it could happen it would be great.

A huge discussion is about the “Efterloen” it’s a concept in wich you pay some money to the state and then you can retire five years earlier, than others, it has been changed over the years and now it’s only three. This means that you can retire when you’re 62 instead of 65.  This costs the Danish government 16 billions every year, and it’s probably more in loss of taxes to. So this is something that really could help the Danish finance to get rid off, because most of those who uses this option is well-functioning and could probably easily work three more years. Of course there is those who’s been working hard physically and is worn out, but then you should just grant them early retirement. But why should a banker who easily could work till he was 65 stop at 62? If those three extra years could save the Danish economy. The funny thing is that all those I know who has stopped working at 60, only because they didn’t want to anymore, have all regretted this, because they started missing work. Ironi.

The problem in Denmark as I see it, is that we don’t treat individuals, but follow the rules way to much. Those who sit and decides people’s fate and the public offices doesn’t have the authority to look at the individual, and then decide from that, and that’s the problem with our retirement system.

So well, politics have always been a huge part of my life, unfortunately. Every time there’s an election I read up on every partie, just so that people can’t say that I vote what I vote just because of my parents, I’m so sick of that. In Denmark there’s this funny discrimination of young people who vote on right-wing parties. At many social gatherings I always have to defend myself, I don’t mind because I know what I believe, but it can get kind of annoying. And one thing they always say is this: “But you’re so nice, how can you vote for the Conservative Folke partie?” Are you kidding me? This is the left-wing voters who’s suppose to be open-minded and accept everybody, if you ask them. Except for right-wing voters I guess.

This has made me always ask left-wing voters to tell how they are going to finance all these things that they want better? And well, they never really can, but again when their politicians can’t why should they be able to. Now I know that I’m discriminating a bit against left-wing voters, but I’ve been defending myself and my opinions since I was 13 years old, and I’ve been called a heartless bitch, an arrogant upper-class spoiled girl and my personal favorite ignorant girl who doesn’t know what she’s talking about, so for once I want to be a little discriminating. I love that last one, because if there’s something I’ve been a geek about its politics, I just have another angle than other youngsters.

I get why you would vote for the left-wing parties, it all sounds so nice. They want better well-fare, more money for everyone, saving the environment, saving the third world and let in all immigrants, this is all good, I don’t vote at the right-wing parties because I don’t want world peace and better living for everyone, but because I’m a realist.

I want a strong private sector, so we can finance our welfare. I want for those who can work to work, and not retire early. I want a good and fair welfare  so those who need help can get help. I want lower taxes so that more will work, and therefore we’ll get more tax money, so that it makes sense to work. I want to make it easier for people with new ideas to start a firm, because it is the private sector that finances this country and it’s in the private sector we can create new jobs.  And I want us to get rid of the “Efterloen”.

So well, this is my opinion on politics. I have loved studied all the different ideologies, and I’ve always found all of it very fascinating. Unfortunately there isn’t a partie who has all the same beliefs as me, but either the Liberal Alliance or Conservative Folke partie is pretty close. They both focus on having a  responsable economic politic and well that is what it’s all about. You can promise as much as you want, if you can’t finance it, it really doesn’t matter.

So, as you might have realised I can write about this matter forever, I’ll stop now. I’ll just finish with something that really pisses me off, Danish people always blame the government for all their misfortunes. Let’s face it, it can’t all be their fault, now I’m not saying that our current government haven’t made fuck-up’s, but so had the previous red government. I know people who’s life’s been “ruined” by the red government and by the blue. Instead of complaining, we should just rejoice in the fact that we aren’t born in North Korea, Rwanda, Cuba or the Fillipeens. In Denmark we are spoiled, we can get help for everything, I’ve been seeing a shrink for the last eight months, I could get some of that expense paid, but I can pay for it myself, so why on earth should I take those money from the state? I know that I’m “suppose to” because it’s seen as a “gift” from the state. I get help from the state, to finance my study, and well I’m working on the side, so I’m gonna pay for my shrink on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that you can get help, if you can’t afford it yourselves. But I’m pretty sure that many out there could afford to pay for their chiropractor, shrinks and so on, on their own. But we’ve been raised with the idea that our misfortune is the states problem.

In my opinion it is not.

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8 Responses to The Danish Election part two

  1. stenfalk says:

    A huge problem with removing the efterløn is that if you are 60 and you get fired, there is no one who will hire you, so you just end up on welfare until you can retire. That is hardly a dignified way to treat our older citizens. Getting rid of it is not only cruel, but down right heartless. And here I was thinking you were such a nice girl…. and BTW, they still pay taxes…

    You’re right, we don’t treat individuals, finally something we agree on.

    I love how blind the right wing is. Really. In this entire campain, the red parties has been planning and explaining EXACTLY how they are going to finance everything, and STILL you choose not to hear a word. Well, I guess it’s better to be putting them down, than to have to explain what you are going to do yourself. But listen up for once. The left wing knows what they are doing.
    And yeah, we are open minded, but not towards people who want’s to make life misserable for others, by removing the efterløn, or deproting imigrants, or deciding who you are allowed to marry, while at the same time is busy making sure that they live a great and wealthy life themselves, not caring for anybody else.

    This is not really about finances or taxes or imigration. This is about compassion, desency and humanety. That is what the red voters are voting for. Because deep down, we don’t care to be rich, but we do care that everybody in our society is treated with respect and dignety. Which at the moment, they are not. By the way, the highly educated rich, actually vote red, most of them. It’s mostly the rich, like farmers and such, that vote blue.

    And honey, of course you vote like this, because of your parents. I vote like I do, because of my mom. This is how we were raised to think. This is what we were raised to believe in and value. I had nothing but a loving home as a kid and that, I still value. You, had a rich family who, in your own words, valued money above most other things. Like it or not, you are not escaping the legacy of your parents, no matter how much you deny it 😉

  2. LHK says:

    Okay, Politics… here I go…

    Taxes. I really dont see the point in lowering the toptaxes, that way only the people who allready has a lot of money get more money. That may be good for them, but really, what do people who have a lot of money, use money on? Anyone…? Okay I will tell you, they use them on expensive computers, expencive cars, holidays, expencive clothes, and so forward… and where are those things made? Not in Denmark thats for freaking sure…! so therefor the money dont stay in this contry they are used over the borders so that theirs econmy gets a boost…!

    If in stead you rais the basic allowance, then everybody both the ons who have a lot of money and the ones who dont, get the smae amount of money paid out more… that way the ones who dont have a lot of money get a higher percentage in acordance to their pay then the rich, and what do people who dont have alot of money use extra money on? Let me tell you, food, every day house suppleys, normal clothing, and so forward, and who makes these things? The danish dealer do, they are made inside the borders, and so the money stay inside the contry…! That way, they, the private sektor earn more money, so they can hire more people, who then earn more money, that they can use, and that way the weel starts turning again…!
    And when the people who dont have alot of money get some more, maybe the banks are gonna say yes for them to go bey a house (the realestate marked gets a boost, lets face it people who allrady has a house is not as likely to go and buy house as the ones who dont have on), or start their own company, in the provate sector, form a brilliant idea they have, but couldn’t loan to before, and yes you propely get the point by now…?

    And the Efterløn, the pension, the child contribution, the welfare, why dont you just NOT close down anything, but instead makes everything income determined, so the ones who has a lot of money has to pay for themselves and the ones that dont get it for free… that way you help the ones that need it, and not just everybody because you can…! That would save the goverment ALOT of money every year, if they didn’t have to pay for the chiropraktor of people who earn over a million a year, and that way the ones who actually need it, like people who actually use there body when they work, instead of just sitting in a chair, can get the treatment that they need…!

    When I get old, if I continue to work as I do now, I properly want my efterløn, not because my mind wants but because I just cant anymore, I want the option to stop, I dont want to come beggin the goverment for my pension, I want my right to it…!
    And sure you coold just abolis the efterløn, and use the pension instead, but what is th point then? then you just use the money there instead? Where did you save the money?

    And as Mette says, yes you vote as you vote because of your parents, I do too, I was brougt up this way, to belive in what I do… and in all honestly I am proud of it…!

  3. Okay, and now on to the next reply.. Well let’s just make a communistic society, where everybody pays all their money to the state and then each month everybody would get the same amount of money, even though you worked 37 hours a week, 60 hours a week or 0.. That’s gonna be a healthy society.

    Oh and on to the thing that poor would buy danish groceries, well if we don’t start helping our agriculture we will not have any danish produced groceries in twenty years. I believe that only the right-wing parties cares about our agriculture. The left-wing wants it all to be ecological, well a small part of me gets that (even though they aren’t healthier or better products than conventional, due to other bacteries and stuff, but never mind that) our law regarding ecological agriculture has crazy high demandings, so it’s impossible to make a business out of it. And our conventional agriculture who’s constantly attack has as high standards than approved ecology through out europe.

    And for the rich who spends money on non-danish products, well if it made sense to produce anything in Denmark they would. But it’s to expensive to start anything in Denmark. A danish worker at a factory get’s between 20.000 and 25.000 a month. So of course it can never make sense to produce anything in Denmark.

    And again with the efterløn, it is a very discussed issue, but it just cost the government so much money, it’s insain. It was created to force people to leave the workplace when they were 60, because of scarcity in jobs. I know we still lacks jobs, but we need to create more jobs and not force people to early retirement. And the retirement age in Denmark is 65 years, you can go on efterløn when you’re 62, it’s three more years. It isn’t that long. And many of those with own companies work longer already, I know several with their own companies who’s worked till they were 70. That’s a huge contribution to our society. If you really can’t work any more because you’ve been working at horrible jobs, you should be able to get early retirement. But in my eyes if you’ve survived till 62, I have a hard time seeing how bad your body would get in those three extra years.

    And my family didn’t value money above family. See that’s just it, he didn’t work this hard for the money, because every other month he couldn’t even pay salary to himself. He just wanted to achieve something on his own, to create something, and well we went bankrupt and still he has managed to bring his architecture firm back to life. But still today, some months he can’t pay his own salary. Then they live of my moms salary as a waitress. We live were we live, because of dear friends who helped us through our bankrupcy and lend us money to get back on our feet. There are four salaries making it possible to live on that farm. We are very rich in family.

    Of course my heritage has something to do with the way I vote. That only makes sense. I’m proud of my family and love them, sometimes to much. But I also vote the way I vote, because I don’t want to many other families having to suffer from bankrupcy. I vote the way I vote, because it’s the only thing that makes sense to me. The only thing and the only help my family has ever gotten from the state is SU and childsupport. We can take care of ourselves and I’m so proud of that. When my father broke his back not so long ago, everything was about to repeat it self, because his company is our main income, but we all worked for the firm to survive. Because when you own your own company, guess what you don’t get any help from anyone. So I grew up in a family where no matter how horrible it was, we didn’t seek help from the state. And during gymnasium, I could only get SU the last year, because I started so early, I chose not to get SU, because I was acustommend to work already, and I could make it without, so why should I take that money? I guess I’m just telling you this to explain, where I come from. I really can’t remember who wrote what, or where I wrote anything. So you might have to check out the comments on the other post as well 😉

    The thing I love about Denmark though, is that we are so different. And even though we come from very different families, and we believe in very different politics, we are still much a like. And I love you girls so much. And I’m not just writing this because I don’t want you to hate me, for politic beliefs. 😉

  4. stenfalk says:

    bringing up comunisem is not going to get you far- honestly I would choose that every day of the year, over being ruled by nazies… Yeah, I can throw evil words around as well…

    That said, I don’t think ANYONE want’s comunisem, I sure don’t and that is NOT what we are saying, LKH, me or the parties we are voting for.

    On another note- the average life expectancy for Danish men is 70 years. Asger is just about to have a nervous breakdown about the possebillety of never being able to retire at all and you know what, I get that. Shouldn’t you be entiteled to a few years off, once you have spent your entire life working hard? Which he has, by the way, buying Comix when he was only 18.

    And yeah, you never took money from the state. Your family never did. I bet you never went to see a doctor or a hospital….

    and I love you too sweetheart. always will. and you will make a great politician some day, but you can rest assured that you do not have my vote 😛

  5. LHK says:

    Nobody said we wanted comunisme…! I didnt say that everybody should earn the same, and pay the same and live the same, I am just saying that I dont think it to be fair that everytime they lower the taxes the ones that earn most gets most out of it…!
    The last time they did I got absolutely nothing out of it, yeah maybe 200 kr a YEAR where as somebody who earns about twice as much as me got about ten times that…! How is that fair? Dont I work as hard as them, or as much as them?

    And yes if you gave the poor more money the would buy danish groceries, because like it or not sweety that is what we have most of in our socity, and now where did I say that we shouldn’t help the agriculture, sure we shall because they need that, but what they really need, is for people to buy there products, to get their ecomy going, and that is what will happen if you raise the basic allowance…

    Yes it cost a lot of mony the efterløn, and yes 3 years makes a lot of difference, for a person who has worked in a shop, as a wood cutter, as a roadworker… It makes a lot of difference, and if you “just” give those people pension instead of Efterløn, then where, just where did you save the money? So I say why dont make it income determined, so that people who eran more than a certan amount a year can get it?
    But yes If you can work then you shold, but as you just pointed out yourself we are still in need of more jobs, and is it not better to have a young and healty person than an elderly one? What would you chose?

    You say that you vote as you vote so others wont go bankrup, but well sweetheart may I just say that these last 10 years has been the hardest in my life, having seen the public transport getting cut down, so I now am in need of a car that I cant afford, having seen my old job close, because nobody would buy it because the turnover was too low, like everywhere, because of the unemployment was going up, and the shopping going down, having taken an education and not being able to use it, because there are no jobs…!
    My mom going on pension before her time because she has been working hard all her life from before she was 18, have broken down in body, having been helped back when we had a red goverment, to get an education, and then beeing thrown on pension when she couldn’t work hard enough anyway, not beeing helped when she went through a depression, not beeing helped when she needed new glasses, medicine, teeth, like people on the “old”-pension system…
    And you want her to work 3 more years?

    Let me tell you that not just your family had it tough, we did too but for a hole different reason… Your problems was purely mony related, ours were not… And when you are not well then money is honestly the last thing you want to think about… But excatly that we have been forced to…

    I am looking forward to a new goverment, I look forward to a change, looking forward to helpeing the people who need it…!

    And yes I love you too sweety, more than just a little, difference is a good thing, because if we are not well then we end up in communisme or as nazits, and that would be a horrifying concept…!

  6. Well, technically communism isn’t a bad word, it’s just an ideology that can’t work in pracsis. Calling the right-wing nazies on the other hand, isn’t nice. And well the average life expectancy for men is between 74 and 76 years. And many are to focused on retirement, why not try to enjoy the free time you already have? And again I know, how can you enjoy your free time if you are a poor cleaning lady, I guess the same way as everyone else. Many people is defined by their job, some spend all their lives just being their job. I really don’t want to be one of those, if I begin to be that way I would quit and work as a waitress the rest of my life.
    Of course I went to see the doctor, I also went to school and I’m taking SU know. And I’m so pleased that I can get this help.. But I know that you what I meant 😉

    And LHK.
    Again I’m not saying that you don’t work hard, I’m just saying that our high tax system is slowing down our country instead of helping it, we can easily find the money to finance it and it wont make lifes worse at all. And if we increase taxes it will only slow down our economic growth, but again this is where our ideology is different. We both want things to get better, we just have different ways of financing it.
    And when is the last the left-wing has mentioned the agriculture without it being negative, because I sure can’t remember. But again agriculture is a topic that isn’t valued much anymore, even though it’s crazy important. And the problem isn’t that people aren’t buying their groceries, the problem is that the system and all that clima-shit has made it close to impossible for a farmer to make an honest living. And it’s the farmers who’s been hit hardest by crisis, and the thing is now that it’s the middle dealers who get’s all the money. I have no idea why I’m writing about this, just had to get it out i suppose 🙂 Sorry sweety…

    And by removing the efterløn we can still save a lot of money even though some needs to go on early retirement. Because there’s still many who retire early, without a real reason. So this is where bankers and people who sit in an office, could easily work those three more years.
    In Denmark, we want everything, we want a good wellfare, we want for everybody to get the help they need, and I agree on this. But it needs to be financed somehow, we can’t just all retire early and just lean back and enjoy the ride. Some needs to work longer and as long as we have the efterløn, why on earth would anybody work if they have the opportunity to quit at 62? And I guess by doing this we punish the rich people, but this time it’s fair and makes sense financially. We need to force some to work longer, and then those who can’t well we can help them. We can’t finance our well by punishing those who earn more with higher taxes, because it needs to make sense to work and support our society.
    And regarding jobs, well actually the unemployment is lower now than during the last red government, but yeah we need to create more jobs. I can see your point by letting go the elder and make room for young ones, and that was why efterløn was created in the first place, but at that time the unemployment was 12 %, today it’s only 6 % and there will always be some unemployment, so right now it isn’t so bad. But we need to improve the private sector, so that they can create more jobs, so the public finances get more money. And you need the elder people at the workplaces, they are those with experience.

    And well you can’t blame the financial crisis on the government. I follow you with the public transportation that is just horrible. I get that these last years hasn’t been easy for you, it’s never fun having spend time on an education you can’t use, but you graduated just when the financial crisis where on it’s highest, and I’m sorry but there’s nothing the government could have done.
    And regarding your mother, I don’t want her to work three more years. I’m not attacking you or her, I have no idea how this discussion got so personal. I know that some are broken down and can’t work. But there are many who aren’t, those are the ones I’m focusing on.

    And I know perfectly well that my family isn’t the only one who had it tough, I am not that stupid and ignorant. And yeah my family only had money related problems, because bankrupcy, being thrown out of our home and lose our meaning in life, well yeah of course that’s only a money problem. I can see that.

    This was never meant to become a discussion about who had the hardest life. I don’t want to join in that discussion, because I sure I will loose. I have had a great childhood, of course followed by some shitty stuff, but that’s life. I have friends who grew up with nothing, and in their own words have had a great childhood. And I have known people who grew up with everything, and isn’t here anymore or have ended up in drugabuse. I think it’s very different how you react to your heritage.
    But I’m glad that you two girls are so strong, and have become who you are.

  7. LHK says:

    I do belive that deep down we do agree on most things, If people can work they should, but i just think that it is wrong to take the option totally away, so instead make in income determined, that is the only fair way to go…! If you earn more than a certain amount of money a year you just cant get efterløn, easy as that, and that way, the people who need it, can get it…

    No I dont like it got personal either, but I was just pointing out that there is another side to it than what you wrote…
    I had a good childhood too but i just didn’t have the same options as you, buts it okay, I made it anyway, but not all do, and those people are just being dropped on the floor at the moment… I love my mom for the way she brought me up, to being red and if I at some point I get really rich I ain’t gonna start voting blue, because there are still people who just cant do what I do, what you do, people that needs to get the possibilty af getting the right help, and honestly they just aren’t at the moment…!

    Sure its not the goverment fault about the crisis, but I dont belive they have done enough to turn the tide, and that is why I voted red yesterday.

    There are different was to get the wheels turning than lovering the taxes, starting on some public investment like the new Super hospitals, the tre tracks over Fyn and stuff, making jobs for people getting things running, but I guess you just dont wanna se that…

  8. stenfalk says:

    so you can name call, but we can’t? That’s not entirely fair, especially not since calling right wing extremists Nazis is a lot more acurate than calling us comunists…

    no, I meant it. That is what liberal aliance is sugesting, that if imigrants want to live in denmark, they can’t get any help for the first five years. that includes going to the hospital. So what, if they get run over, we will just send then home in a coma or leave them dying in the street and again, is that the kind of world you really want to vote for???

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