A positive step

So, yesterday I started looking around the internet, for horses. Horses for sale. Since my horse was put down, not that long ago, I’ve been rather certain that I shouldn’t have a horse again for a long time. But being here in Brussels, I’ve realised that I miss it.

It’s not like I’m gonna buy a horse the day I get back, but I’m rather relieved that I actually begin to feel certain, that one day there’ll be horses back in my life.

I’ve always said that Lise was my horse. We were kindred spirits in a way, and I’ve never had that sort of connection with any other horse, or person for that matter. So when she was put, just the thought of having a new horse hurt like hell. No matter what I feared, that I would be looking for her in any horse I found.

When I get home, I think that I’ll have a horse free year or so, and well let’s face it, I need to find some money somehow before I start buying horses 😉 And well, when I get back from this trip I really don’t think my bank account is gonna be healthy at all. I’m a security junkie in a way, I can’t stand not having 100 % control over my finances, and if I one month get red numbers, I panic. So, no horse for me until it’s financially responsible, otherwise I’ll be climbing the walls constantly.

Well, but this wasn’t about my finances, not an interesting topic. No, tonight I to have been looking for horses for sale, and I’m positively surprised. I think it might actually be possible to find a rather young, cheap and unspoiled horse in Denmark. Of course probably half of those I’ve found, is train wrecks, but that might not be a problem.

I don’t need a horse for competing, I’ve done that. Lise and I had fun, but it was never our call. I riding skilled dressage horses and jumpers, western horses and all that, I’ve tried lots of different horses. But in the last 8 years, I’ve basically only rode Lise, not a lot in the last three years, but she was the only one I wanted to be on. That’s what I want. I want to find a horse, that can keep challenging me even though I’ve owned her for eleven years. A horse that I wont get tired off. If I buy another horse, it’s gonna live with me until it dies, that’s my only hope.

Back to the sales adds. There are many qualified horses, many I find interesting just from pictures of the grazing. And they aren’t all clones of Lise, that was a huge relief. That was my biggest fear, that I would only find brown, Oldenburg mares attractive, but that’s fortunately not the case.

So, I’m positive that I’ll one day, find another horse to love and cherish. Because on the other hand, I actually think no matter which horse I pick, I will make it work, because it would be my horse and nobody messes with my horse 😉

I just have one little complaint: What the fuck is wrong with some of these people selling their horses??

People sell 23-year-old horses with in my opinion rather severe injuries. Horses who isn’t able to be ridden, because they are chronically lame as “company horses”. Old broodmares, who even though they have several minor injuries easily could be a “picnic horse”. Of course I shouldn’t judge to quickly, but I have a hard time believing that the owner of these horses, can think: “Well, they’ll be far better of, being sold to a new home.” Probably many of them would, but I just don’t get it.

I’m not trying to seem holy or anything, I would just wish that others would love their horses the way I loved mine, and the way my friends love theirs. Yeah we are all dealing with owning/have owned old horses, but we’ve all decided to keep them until the end, for the horse sake. And I think that’s the main problem in the equestrian sport, nothing is on the horses premisses anymore. And if it isn’t even in the private stables anymore, well then I believe we have a rather big problem on our hands.

In Denmark there are constantly being made new laws, making it close to impossible to own a horse. In a way, this would make sense if it became impossible for incompetent people to own a horse. Then I would say bravo. But no, it’s just getting more expensive and more difficult in every way. And most of the new laws, clearly aren’t made by people who know anything about horses. Just people thinking that they have a clue.

Phew, that felt good to get off my chest. I guess I’m still a horse-girl after all. 🙂

So here comes a shit load of pictures, of some horses I find kind of interesting. Of course I wont be any of them, but it’s nice to look, and guilty some of them are Lise-clones but I’m working on it 😉

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Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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2 Responses to A positive step

  1. stenfalk says:

    four and seven… wow… but do not, under pain of death buy number five… it looks like a FRB 😉 haha

    My favorite sales add is when people are selling their mares and write something like this; “sufferes from a severe spine injury, so it can’t be ridden, but would be perfect for breeding…”
    Those kind of people should try carrying a foal with a dammaged spine themselves….

    but yeah, take your time, the right horse will pop up when you least expect it 😉 and BTW, since saleem might have a future as a distance horse, keep that in mind 😉 we could be awesome together 😉 (When we do not get lost somewhere in a forest, because none of us can read a map… )

  2. I love four and seven to 🙂 But I really love number two, she’s so adorable… 🙂

    Oh yeah, love those too, some people should really be kicked in the face..

    Hmm, distance horse, yeah that could be fun.. I actually can read a map, maybe not at warp speed 😉

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