Two and a half men

As you all know this is an american television show. For those of you who hasn’t watch it, if there’s any, I will just write a short introduction.

Charlie Harper played by Charlie Sheen is this rich, handsome, constantly drunk jingle writer who lives in a Malibu beach house. When the series started, I guess he was in his late thirties and still sleeping with twenty year old bimboes. He never has to worry about anything. And he has no responsibility toward anyone.

Then there’s his brother Alan. That’s a whole other story, the show starts with him divorcing his wife and seeking comfort from Charlie. It doesn’t go very well. Alan is a neurotic, unattractive, poor struggling chiropractor. Or actually he wasn’t poor, until his wife got everything in the divorce settlement -Because Charlie slept with Alan’s lawyer, and.. let’s just say it didn’t end very well.

So, Alan is a wreck, broke, single and homeless. He moves in with Charlie, or he kind of break into the house and then just live there πŸ™‚ Alan was supposed to stay a few weeks, but eight years later he hasn’t moved an inch. Charlie always tell him to move, that’s a consistent joke in almost every episode.

I feel like I’m forgetting something…. Yeah, Alan has a son Jake. I love Jake, he’s a very stupid and cute child. I think he’s eight or something when the show started. So, when Alan has Jake on the weekends, he of course has to stay with Alan in Charlie’s beach house, much to Charlie’s displeasure.

I love this show, it’s just brilliant.

But then half through the 8th season, Charlie Sheen has a major breakdown. Probably due to his excessive drinking, drugs and divorces. It was always a discussion how much Charlie Harper actually resembled the real Charlie Sheen. And well, he did a lot.

The network, creators and the cast decided that Charlie Sheen couldn’t continue, and he was fired. Leaving the 8th season with only 16 episodes.

At first everybody thought that this would be the death of Two and a half men, since the Charlie Harper character was the main character the entire show evolved around. They couldn’t replace Charlie Sheen with another actor after eight years, that would just be impossible. So, they decided to create a new character and presenting a new actor, so the show hopefully could survive.

The new actor is Ashton Kutcher, he’s not my favourite. He’s just too much, so mentally I had already written this show off. But when there was season premiere a couple of weeks ago, of course I caved and watched the first episode without Charlie Sheen.

Let’s just say the creators of this show is geniuses, because they actually pull it off.

The episode starts with Charlie Harper’s funeral. He had eloped to Paris with his former stalker and now lover Rose. Unfortunately he had fallen in front of a train, under suspicious circumstances.

At the funeral many of his ex-girlsfriend’s has appeared. And here’s starts the genius, it’s really all of the girls he’d been dating throughout these eight seasons, being a geek I remembered every single one. So already two minutes within the episode I had to bow down.

Then everybody is just bitching telling how big of an asshole Charlie was. Very funny actually. Some of the girls had only shown up to spit at his body. But it was a close casket since, well he fall in front of a train -Not pretty.

After the funeral Alan is told by his horrible (but amazing) mother, that he can’t stay in the beach house and she’s going to sell it.

Luckily, that same day Walden (Kutcher) turns up at the porch. He’s soaking wet, and asks Alan if he can borrow a phone. He tells Alan that he’d tried to kill himself, since his wife left him, but that he had no idea the water would be so cold.

Walden is insanely rich, good-looking, sweet, pathetic and a big baby. In the end of the first episode he decides to buy the beach house. And hiring Berta (Charlie’s old housekeeper, and my favourite character in the show) to be a live in house-keeper. Berta is already madly in love with Walden, and can’t stop having dirty thoughts regarding him.

Alan and Walden becomes friends. And Alan is finally the teacher, teaching Walden how to pick up girls. But as a rich, handsome thirty-something guy he doesn’t need anything else than his puppy-dog eyes. And all the women in Alan’s life just fall madly in love with Walden right away. It might sound stupid, but it’s really very funny and clever.

And finally a director who’s understood that Kutcher is so much better without his clothes on. He’s basically naked in the first two episodes, thank you πŸ™‚

So, I could write all the details, all the jokes and keep on for hours, but I wont. Watch it yourselves. You might be presently surprised just like me. I have never experienced a character change that worked as well as this one. It is very very well done. And ALL the old characters are still present, and talking about Charlie from time to time. And that just makes it all much more believable.

So, thank you Two and a half men, I hope to enjoy many more hours in your company. Of course I do miss Charlie Sheen. It isn’t the same without him, but I’m amazed that they actually managed to make it work without him.. That’s rather impressive..

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2 Responses to Two and a half men

  1. stenfalk says:

    hmm will have not watch it now… not nice to play the naked Kutcher card… πŸ˜‰

  2. Why I still watch the show: 30 % Bertha, 20 % Jake and 50 % Naked Kutcher.. He looks fiiiiine.. πŸ˜‰

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