A change of beliefs

Relationships…. This has always been quite a mystery to me. How people fall in love, move in together, have kids and lives happily until they split up.

I’m a romantic, I’m a sucker for Jane Austen novels and chick flick’s where the girl always gets her prince. The love stories, where love conquers all, and they live happily ever after. Or lives happy until where the book or movie ends 😉

I was starting to wonder if I could ever make it work with anybody. I know this sounds incredibly stupid coming from a twenty-three year old, but I was giving up hope.

Last autumn a dear friend of mine broke up with his girlfriend. He’s the only one I know who’s more goofy than me. I had been told that he had been crazy in love with me, during our school years, but I had never thought of him as anything more than the goofy guy from back of the class.

During our three years together in school, we became friends and we stayed friends, and made a pact that if neither of us were married by the time we were thirty-five we would marry each other.  So, when he last year broke up with his girlfriend, and he and I ended up kissing at this party, I honestly thought that he was gonna be my next and maybe even last boyfriend.

He’s sweet, funny and I’m attracted to him. So, I was ready to settle for not really being in love with him. Over the next couple of months we slept together every time we met each other at parties. But, the sex was never really good, the chemistry just wasn’t there. Still, I thought well, you can’t have it all. But, he never made the move. He never asked if I wanted to sleep over, or if we should go out on an actual date. Admitted, I didn’t either.

So, there I was. Denied by my back-up. Boy, that hurt. After that experience I became a bit cynical, and swore of men a little bit. And this was when my hell started, regarding my sick horse.

Then, I found this cute chef at my work. We’ve been together now, for three and a half month. And I really truly love him. Crazy feeling.

Last week when I was home visiting Denmark, I of course spend a lot of time together with him. And then he told me that he was planning on moving out of his house next year, because it’s to expensive. I felt immediately some turbulence in my stomach, because I knew where the conversation was going. He asked me if I wanted to move in together this summer.


No, I immediately said yes.

I have always said that if I ever found some man I wanted to spend my life with, it would take a long time before I would wanna live with him. But, apparently I have changed beliefs. I wanna live with him, share my life him. Even though we are both a complete mess. I’m really excited, and have already surfed the internet for apartments for the two of us.

I have no idea, what has happened to me. I never saw this coming 😉

So, to those of my friends out there, whom I gave a hard time when they moved in with their boyfriends rather early, I apologize. I just didn’t know how it felt, to have found the right one.

About theevilicequeen

Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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5 Responses to A change of beliefs

  1. singlewhitefemaledating says:

    I am so with you…. I absolutely adore Jane Austen 😀

  2. stenfalk says:

    No, you so didn’t know… just… don’t buy a horse with him within a month as well…

  3. Well, I did 😉 No no, I wont buy a horse with him.. No no no, would never do that…

  4. stenfalk says:

    hehe no, just make sure he does not get you pregnant then 😛

  5. MUHAHAHAHA… No worry.. No baby for me, for a while..

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