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Neil Patrick Harris tribute

So, If you’ve watched How I met your Mother you know this guy.. He’s Barney Stinson, the greatest female seducer since Don Juan. I simply love this guy 🙂 But because this guy always makes me smile, I decided to … Continue reading

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The Final Week

So, now there’s less than a week until I’m returning to Denmark for good, and I’m a little confused.. This past week I’ve had six exams, so I haven’t had even a second to think about anything. Now, I have … Continue reading

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Puss in Boots The Movie

I just finished watching Puss in Boots, and it was awesome 🙂 I’ve been waiting for this movie ever since the rumor about it started. Or actually ever since I watched Shrek 2. I never watch the first Shrek movie … Continue reading

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The night and I

The day was ending faster than I realised. I walked on the same road toward the same metro, as I do everyday, but this time the night was about to catch me. I’ve been trying to avoid the night in … Continue reading

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A Friend in Pain

One of my dearest friends had one of her horses put down today. This really seems to be a sucky year, when it comes to owning horses. I’ve lost my dear Lise, and my friend, Mette has lost two of … Continue reading

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A day in bed

As some of you know I’m currently studying in Brussels. It’s all very exciting and I simply love the city. It’s not beautiful or romantic like Rome or Paris, it’s just alive. It’s a multicultural city where anything can happen, … Continue reading

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