A Friend in Pain

One of my dearest friends had one of her horses put down today.

This really seems to be a sucky year, when it comes to owning horses. I’ve lost my dear Lise, and my friend, Mette has lost two of her beloved horses, Legacy in the spring and today Amalia. Here’s a link to her blog:


I thought I knew what she was going through, but her situation is entirely different, than mine was. I had my horse put down, and then I walked away from anything horse related, and I have barely glanced over my shoulder.

She has four other horses. So, her life needs to go on, she must return to the stable and continue living among horses. This must be much harder than my situation, I could just force my world to stop.

All her horses have lived as a tight family for many years now. These horses are truly one big family, and now not only my friend, but her horses as well has lost a family member.

Two of her horses, Poseidon and Apollon has lived together with Amalia, as long as I’ve known them, and the three of them had developed a very special bond. Now, the two of them is not handling the loss of their mare as well as I had hoped. I must admit that I’d begged, that they would be fine instantly to save my friend from worrying. But deep down I knew that this wouldn’t be the case. I just hope that they’re all gonna be okay…

I’ve never had much of a relationship with Amalia, but her and my horse Lise had a classic love’n’hate relationship. Lise always watched after Amalia on the pasture, because well I’m pretty sure that Lise had a crush on her 😉 But as soon as we where out on a ride, the two of them couldn’t help but compete against one another. I usually had pretty good control over my horse, but as soon Amalia was nearby all of Lise’s sense went out the window.. And then the only thing you could do, was to hang on.. I loved the way neither of them would give up, if we didn’t fight aggressively to stop them, I’m sure that those two would have continued running until their bodies would have given up.

I still wish that we could have had a race between those two on a real race track. They would have been unstoppable.

They did have one real race together, but only because they’d “lost” their riders around the corner, and just ran like hell.. When we finally found them, the people who’d catched them told us, that it sure looked like they were having fun. I believe that. Mette has described the incident in details on her blog:


I feel for the pain that Mette and her boyfriend is going through right now, and I hate that I’m in an entirely different country, unable to do anything… But, life doesn’t always play nice, actually in my experience it rarely does.

On the picture below, Amalia in front as I will always remember her 😉

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2 Responses to A Friend in Pain

  1. stenfalk says:

    She was a star… 😥

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