The nightmare

So, tonigt I had a nightmare… A rather horrible one and to my surprise a new one.

I usually have the same three nightmares:
An old one where I enter a huge creepy house, kinda like a haunted house. The first time it was scary, but now I kinda run through the entire dream, because I know where all the scary things where hiding…

Another old one is where I’m with my grandmother, and the entire world is preparing for an attack, that will destroy everything. Everything is chaos and tears. We run around trying to find some place to hide. At last we find a tiny casket in the nick of time. The casket is to small for the both of us, so my grandmother throws me in it and close the heavy lid.
Then I just lie there, for what seems like eternity.
Lying there I listen to the invasion and the horrible killings. I just lie there waiting for them to find me.
I always wake up when someone is lifting the lid.
I wake up covered in sweat and tears, which kinda freaked out my boyfriend the first time 😉

The third one is a rather new one, and it’s about my horse Lise… I relive the day I had her put down, a perfect day in so many ways… And that isn’t the nightmare, the nightmare happens later.
There’s no connection, but all of a sudden I sit in a chair in front of myself.
I look at myself crying hysterically, unable to stand up and go comfort myself…
It’s horrible, and once again I wake up in tears unable to breath…

But back to this nights nightmare…

I was on a trip with some friends at the mansion where I grew up. We are having fun, and all of a sudden we are running around at my old school.
Then a tension is planted in all of us.
And we see a man sneaking around, we all get scared.
I accidentally end up in the house where he’s hiding, I find I little girl she’s hysterical… Telling me that the man has killed someone….
I drag her outside and try dialing 911, but my phone just can’t. I keep calling wrong numbers…

I give up an we all run like hell. Then lots of soldiers comes running. Trying to find the man, my friends and I are thrown in a wan. We lay there clinging to each other.
Then the sky turns black, and we can’t see anything.. Then we start moving, we don’t know who’s driving, friend or foe. Our future is in the hands of an unknown person..

This is where I woke up. This was a long dream, and it had been scary for a long time, the tense feeling was horrible, and at one point I just wanted to die….

I hate nightmares, I hate that your subconscious can be so cruel. And that you can feel so powerless against your own mind… That sucks.


About theevilicequeen

Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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2 Responses to The nightmare

  1. stenfalk says:

    oh well, the haunted house dream sounds very familiar, especially the feeling of running through it,knowing its a dream, that you have done it all before…
    Nightmares can really shake you… but I think its a good idea to write about them, putting words on your deepest fears, facing them while awake instead of supressing them…

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