The last of the Turboteam

Yesterday a dear friend of mine had her beloved horse Poseidon put down. I was in shock when she wrote me that he was gone, I’m sure that whatever I wrote too her was silly. But it didn’t really hit me until this morning.
This horse was special and an enormous part of her. So I’m sad that I can’t just sit with her while she cries, but that’s not for her to do that. I’m just wishing that she’ll find comfort somewhere.

Here is her goodbye to her darling horse:

My first memory with Poseidon was my first day at this new stable. When I arrive at a new stable I always love to walk around, and look at my horse Lise’s new roommates. I walked up to his stall and well he didn’t really give me a great welcome. He could be extremely intimidating, this big red horse coming at you while showing teeth. He kinda scared me and for a while I kept my distance.

Then I got to know his owner, Mette. We quickly realised that we both liked speed and that was the beginning of our Turboteam. Poseidon was a nervous horse and didn’t like to be in front, which was perfect because my girl prefer to be in the lead. So, we had a perfect combination. And Poseidon was the only one who could keep up with Lise while walking, so I loved our rides through the forest. These are memories that I’ll cherish forever.

Letting our horses run like the wind. I miss that.

The turboteam contained Poseidon, Amalia (Mette’s boyfriend’s horse) and my horse Lise. Within a year they have all left us. It is the end of an era, that I’ll never forget and that I will yearn for the rest of my life.

Poseidon was put down due to a hip injury that was the reason for his retirement. Mette have fought bravely to fix him, put unfortunately it wasn’t possible. He has lived long and happy life, due to his devoted owner. As she write on her blog, his last day was peaceful and isn’t that basically all we ever want for our horse? To leave this world peacefully.

Poseidon was a truly special horse, and I’ve never seen such a beautiful bond between horse and owner anywhere else. I don’t think that I ever will.

Mette I’m so sorry for your loss, I hate that you are forced to go through this yet again. I’m here if you ever need me. Love you.

My favourite picture of Lise and Poseidon. A memory of times lost. I hope that now the turboteam is reunited, you are all,  including dear Legacy running free somewhere on greener pastures.

Here’s the story of Poseidon:

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4 Responses to The last of the Turboteam

  1. stenfalk says:

    thank you honey… I think they are running now… all of them… I wonder who wins, when Poseidon does not have a shot hip and when he is not scared of the world anymore… amalia and lise would so hate it if he beat them 😛

    • Oh they would hate it so much.. And they would be bitchy for the rest of eternity 😉 I still believe that Legacy have a change.. I’ll be voting on him… 🙂

      • stenfalk says:

        oh he does, he and amalia did a bit of their own turbo trips a few times… he almost kept up with her on his broken leg….

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