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Dear Grandmother

I only have two grandparents left, my grandmothers. My mothers mother is well and fresh, she’s very social and active. So, that’s nice. Hopefully she’ll stay around for many years to come. My father’s mother is sick, very sick. Last … Continue reading

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Regrets and memories

Memories, like the corners of my mind. Misty water coloured memories, of the way we were.  One of my favourite songs begin this way, “The way we were”. When I heard this song I used to see my childhood home and … Continue reading

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New residents

I’ve spent the last two days at my family’s farm. I have to do some homework and I simply can’t do it in my apartment, there’s way to many distractions. I have now realised that on a farm surrounded by … Continue reading

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A New Horse?

I drive myself crazy. I do. I can’t stop looking at horses, I do it every single day. I also look for places where my horse could stay. It’s silly because I don’t have either the funds or the time … Continue reading

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The Avengers

This saturday I went to watch a movie that I have been expecting for years. I simply love superhero movies, so of course a movie starring several superheroes is something I was looking forward to. I had so high expectations … Continue reading

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What to write?

Sorry for not having written for so long, but its like I’ve lost my love for writing. My creative vein has run empty. Right now nothing in my life seem worth writing about. I’ve lost my dream internship, I’m considering … Continue reading

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