New residents

I’ve spent the last two days at my family’s farm. I have to do some homework and I simply can’t do it in my apartment, there’s way to many distractions. I have now realised that on a farm surrounded by family, there’s even more distractions. Yesterday I managed to finish a rather disappointing statistic assignment in only a few hours, fingers crossed that I’ll pass. Today I have an assignment in accounting, sigh. You might think why does she have only one day, to make these? And well, no I have had four days and simply haven’t had the energy, so now I’m paying for it big time. I always do this.

But, never mind. I could wine forever if I allowed myself, I hate studying and usually start out by crying before I can begin. Getting my frustration out of the system. I wont write a thousand words on this, not today.

My actual story is about two new residents at the farm. My sisters colleague has six horses and two of them are old mares. They are going to stay with us over the summer. My brother who own the farm has lots of lovely pastures so I was thrilled to hear that there would arrive some horses.

At the moment I’m obsessed by horses, can’t talk about anything else, can’t think of anything else and I’m driving myself crazy. So, the second I heard the car arrive I jumped like a bunny out of the chair and out the door.

I don’t know what I’d expected, but not this. An enormous colossus of a horse a huge brown mare. This kind of horse rarely attracts me and this one, well I simply hated from the first sight. Of course I was quickly the one who should hold her, while we waited for the other one to arrive. This should have taken twenty minutes, but after an hour of holding this horse I ran out of patience.

I like most horses, but I can’t stand horses who doesn’t respect my space, especially when they are the height of about 175 centimeters. This one constantly walked into me or the owner, and had no respect for the robe or anything. I hate handling this kind of horse, because I feel unsafe. She just walked where she wanted too and I had to use way to much force to make her listen, even a little bit. Of course she was a bit rattled by being alone a new place without her companion. But instead of being hysterical, which I can handle, she was just a bulldozer. Not paying any attention to where she walked or who she walked into.

If she had tipped me over, I honestly think she might have stepped on me. Not out of evil, but because she didn’t seem to have any respect for humans. Then horses are dangerous and then even I don’t care for them. I trained my horse in horsemanship where one of the first rules is for horse and human to respect each others space. This horse clearly was never trained in such thing. It wasn’t because I was a stranger, because she trampled the owner as well.

Of course there are horses who can be tough to teach this stuff, but I don’t understand how they work with this horse? The bigger the horse the more dangerous, when not trained. For some reason I feel kinda mad, and I don’t know why I care. But this horse has managed to strike a nerve. It reminds me of the jumper I rode back in the day. He was bigger and heavier, the owner hadn’t trained him from the ground at all. When you were on his back he was amazing and skilled. But the moment your feet touched the ground, he was a nightmare. He once ran me down and I sprained my wrist and hurt my knee. So, this is probably why I’m getting all worked up.

I’ve known many who believe that the important training is from the horses back. I completely disagree, I would much rather trust my horse from the ground than on its back. It is from the ground you spend most hours and where it can get really dangerous if the horse doesn’t respect you. While riding, there of course also is lots of issues that needs to be trained. But, I have always prefered having control on the ground. When you’re on its back you are often helped by a saddle, a bridle and helmet. What kind of safety measures do you take from the ground? I don’t know many who wears their helmet all the time, while being at a stable. If all horses were like this one, I probably would.

Of course my own horse wasn’t perfectly trained and there were flaws, but she never ran me down. And since that’s my primary rule, I believe we succeeded 😉

I haven’t met the other horse, because I left before they arrived. I simply couldn’t hold my temper any longer. I’m looking forward to watch the two horses on the large pasture. The owner asked if I wanted to ride them sometime. Well, I can safely say I’m not working with any of those, I simply hold my life to dear.

Well, here’s two pictures from me and my friend working from the ground with our horses.

My mare, she always ran beside me and adjusted her speed to my speed, stopped when I stopped and turned when I turned. I will always think of that as our greatest accomplishment together. She chose to follow me.

My friend who’s very skilled in working with horses and natural horsemanship.

I’m not sure what I wanna achieve with this post, I just hope that perhaps someone will try to focus on a training from the ground and find joy in working with their horse in a different way. It’s so rewarding in the end.

I’m not one of those who says that even proper use of a bridle is evil and that saddles should be banned. No no. I just believe in other things than dressage and show jumping. 🙂

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Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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2 Responses to New residents

  1. stenfalk says:

    two old mares… bet ya, they have been used for breeding and not trained or handled for years?
    but this is good, right? then your brother is warming up to the idea of horses on his farm… hehe
    I always loved those pictures of you and lise… you guys were amazing… and thanks for bringing my red boys into it, I guess they are a perfect excample of why you need to train your horse from the ground 😉 hehe

  2. No they said that they had been riding them.. But, well I don’t really believe it 😉 Yeah I think he is, as long as he doesn’t have anything to do with them.. Hehe
    Thanks darling 🙂

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