Dear Father

I just read the poem I wrote only a few hours after you died, I couldn’t remember what I had wrote. I just remember that I had to write it, it needed to get out.

Your family is sticking together, we’ve decided to talk about you and honor your memory. We tell stories about you, and sometimes we take a break and cry a little. This is the only way we know how to get through this. Cry when we can’t help it and the rest of the time we are trying to focus on the bright sight.

The bright sight is that you died quickly and according to the doctors without pain. You went like you wanted to, quickly and at home. You didn’t have to suffer through the two operations you were scheduled for in December. You hated hospitals and now you never have to go back.

You are truly missed and we have no idea how to enter the future without you. You were always the one with the ideas, the never ending optimist and the one who were always right. We are gonna make so many mistakes without you, but I promise that we’ll only make them once.

I’m so glad that you achieved most of your goals. You always had new goals, but you managed to create a successful business, a beautiful family and decorate Denmark with your vision. Your vision that houses should both be beautiful and practical, you’ve left a footprint and you want be forgotten.

It’s weird that I decided to write post to you instead of about you, but I needed to say this even though you’ll never know.

Right now I wish that I was more of a believer. I wish that I believed in heaven, because I wish so deeply that you are in a peacefull place.
Deep down I know you are.

Your funeral is this Wednesday. I have no idea how I’m getting through that, I had never thought I would have to say goodbye to you so soon. This was the one thing you hadn’t prepared me for.

Oh my dearest father, how are we going on without you? And how are we not. You wouldn’t have wanted us to live on in sorrow. So, we’ll do our best to live on in your spirit, I promise.

About theevilicequeen

Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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