Two years ago

Two years ago I said goodbye to my best friend, my horse Lise.
She was put down due to ovary cancer, her tumor was the size of a handball. There was nothing I could do, but have her put down.
Technically we could have operated on her but she was 19, so chances where that she wouldn’t survive such an invasive surgery, therefore I decided to spare her of the stress and pain of a surgery.


It was so hard to make the final call, because Lise seemed fine when I came she was happy and herself. A dear friend told me that the moment I left she changed and just stood still looking sad. This information changed things for me, I never wanted my horse to become a shadow of her amazing self. Nothing was worth that.

The day I called the vet Lise had changed even towards me. When I put her in the pasture she just turned and looked at me, I drove of but I could see that she continued to look for me. Lise never did that. When she was put on the pasture she would walk a lap and threaten all the other horses, just show them who was the boss. So, that she did this was unacceptable.

I called the vet that same afternoon. I didn’t even make home and stopped at I grocery store and called the vet from the parking lot.

Lise was put down on a sunny Thursday afternoon, surrounded by friends. There was three people I needed to be there, my sister because she was the one who was with me when we bought her. My childhood friend Marlene who was with us from the beginning through all the hard times. Last but not least my friend Mette, who had helped us for many years. She had taken care of Lise every time I couldn’t come to the stable and helped me overcome my fear of showjumping.

I owe so much to these three people Lise and I wouldn’t have become what we were without you.

When Lise got the injections she sat down rather peacefull and layed down and was gone. Seeing her lying there I felt my heart crack, my best friend was dead. And she really was my best friend, I still miss dayly. She would have loved to live with with Indie and Gaia, and she would have been a great leader for Gaia. But, then again if Lise had still been here I probably never would have bought Gaia. So, yeah everything is working out and I’m glad that I bought Gaia she really needs me. Lise rarely showed that she needed me or cared, she was much more independent, but she was so magnificent. And every day I worked with my two horses I’m thanking Lise for all the things she’s tought me in our eleven years together.

I’ll stop the sob story, I just woke up sad and crying today, so I had to write something.


My dearest Lise, you were a star. I’m so glad that we got to spend so many wonderfull years together and cherish them all. I miss you still.



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Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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