My Horses and a Bridge

For a while now I’ve been planning on writing a post entitled “Am I in over my head”. Owning a one year old horse has been a challenge, I’ve never worked that much with young horses. I’m finding it very exciting and at the same time quite stressful. I feel like I’m doing everything wrong and that we aren’t getting anywhere.

I bought Gaia in february when she was eight months old. She was so small and very quiet, which also had me very worried. Would she ever get the confidence to act on her own accord? My worries were wasted, she has become a very brave young lady and I’m completely in love with her. I do feel like I’m in over my head sometimes and I fear that I’m not doing good enough. But, today I thought of how far we’ve come. 

This picture is from the first time I met her. 

Gaia baby


These pictures are seven months later, a few days ago. 

Freja, Indie og Gaia September 2013 083


Freja, Indie og Gaia September 2013 030


She has grown up to be such a beautiful horse. 

She has also learned to be groomed, having a halter put on and taken of. Walking with me. Turning when I ask her, walking backwards when I ask her and walking past me when I ask her. We have actually come a long way. The most important thing is that she comes running the second she sees me and neighs. That makes my heart melt every single day. 

And now for the reason why my post isn’t called “Am I in over my head?”. The Bridge. 

On my pasture there’s a bridge that leads over to a rather big island. Until last friday they’ve never crossed the bridge. But, on that special day my dear little pony Indie walked across the bridge leaving Gaia along on the other side. She was running back and forth panicking. Since Indie had now realised that there was grass on the island I knew that there was no stopping him in crossing. My brothers sheep live together with my horses, so I couldn’t just close of the bridge, because the sheep need the grass. 

So, I had to teach Gaia to gross the bridge. I went to her and petted her and then I walked. She followed me. No question asked. She walked slowly and looked at the bridge with all the scepticism she could muster, but she followed me. When we walk over once I though that she might have been so sweet because she wanted to get over to Indie, so I walked back and forth a couple of times, and she followed me. I have never worked with a horse that trusted me so blindly, it caught me completely of guard. She chose to follow me instead of running of to Indie. 

The next day I brought my camera and got some great shots of my little darlings, today Indie couldn’t resist playing along. 


Freja, Indie og Gaia September 2013 042  Freja, Indie og Gaia September 2013 043 Freja, Indie og Gaia September 2013 045 

Freja, Indie og Gaia September 2013 054 Freja, Indie og Gaia September 2013 055 Freja, Indie og Gaia September 2013 057

Freja, Indie og Gaia September 2013 064 Freja, Indie og Gaia September 2013 065 Freja, Indie og Gaia September 2013 066

 Freja, Indie og Gaia September 2013 070 Freja, Indie og Gaia September 2013 071

I’m a very proud horse owner. 

Then yesterday it rained in Denmark. A lot. My boyfriend had come to the stable before me and found Gaia trapped on the Island with Indie again on the other side. A wooden bridge gets crazy slippery when it’s raining. My boyfriend was clever and lured Indie on to the island and closed of the bridge. I’m so impressed by his actions. First of that he didn’t just walk away and leave Gaia alone and in panick. Second that he didn’t start handling Gaia, it was the only right thing to do getting Indie over the bridge to Gaia. 

When I got there I walked out and opened the bridge. Gaia walked up to bridge, but made sure not to touch it. I walked up to her and stood there petting her for a while then I slowly walked on to the bridge. She followed, but once she touched the bridge she panicked and wanted to run and I backed her of the bridge. Then my little hero came along, Indie. He walked on to the bridge and turned so that he filled most of the bridge and almost walked sideways. Gaia followed him and again wanted to quickly run across the bridge, but Indie filling the entire thing and walking slowly across  forced her to calm down. They left me on the island speechless. 

So, we are doing rather great. I am the proud owner of to magnificent horses, I’m slowly realising how perfect a fit they are for me. 


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Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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2 Responses to My Horses and a Bridge

  1. Starstone says:

    Nuuur Indie is such a sweetheart 🙂 and if you didnt feel like you were in over your head once in a while, with a one year old, you’d be doing something wrong 😉 you have come such a long way with her 🙂

  2. Thanks sweety… 🙂 and I think you’re right, you will always feel in over your head at times…

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