A weird experience

Today was a perfectly beautiful dry day.. I groomed both my horses and I actually got Indie almost clean..

And I’m officially a fan of Showshine.. A product you spray on the horses mane and tail, it makes it easier to comb and makes it soft.. Indie and Gaias mane has been crazy soft ever since I sprayed them the on the 25th.. I’m a huge fan. Gaia didn’t care about the spraying, she’s so awesome. Indie hated it and we talked about for a while before I was allowed to spray. Stubborn little pony.. He doesn’t mind when I spray him with antibacterial, so he was a little bit annoying..

But, back to today. I had finished grooming both of them and went on to fix their stall.. fresh water, straw and wrapped hay. When I was done I walked along the fence to check if everything was okay..

While I was walking and observing my horses a woman comes up to me. She asks if it’s my horses and I say yes. She then says that she was happy to meet me and she would just warn me, because she was turning me in to the police. I froze.

Wondering what I could have done wrong. Of course I asked her  why? Then I could see her face turn red and she said that I really should know.. I simply had to ask again what I had done? Getting a little scared and angry by now.. she tells me that she had observed my horses for months and noticed that they were outside at all hours of the day. She had Googled it and that wasn’t allowed. A horse should have shelter.

I stood their amazed while I was yelled at by a stranger. When she was done telling me what a horrible person I was, I told her to come with me. I had no idea how to explain to this hysterical woman that I really wasn’t an evil human being.

I showed her my horses house

And I told her that my horses can walk in and out as they please. She cooled down and looked quite embarrassed.
She then asked why my horses would stay outside in pouring rain? The only thing I could do was smile and tell her that I had no idea.

She said thank you for showing her the horses house and that she could see the horses were alright and left. No apology! Bitch, coming and accusing me for being cruel to my horses and then not apologising..

So, me hating people even more..

A few pictures from today. Because even because of this woman it was a truly beautiful day. And I spent a lot of time with my awesome horses. I love them and I know that they are living a happy horse life… That is enough for me.





About theevilicequeen

Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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5 Responses to A weird experience

  1. Starstone says:

    muahahahaha I’v sprayd my horses with show shine the 25th too 😛 it is much easier, I must admit… especially Apocalipses’s tail, I can actually handle that now…

    hehe such nice people ha? I’ll always wonder why people are so fast to report you for leaving your horses outside, when I would dare say, most people should be reported for leaving their horses inside all day, everyday, and yes, if you ask any horse (apocalipse excluded,) they don’t mind rain…
    by the way, if she has been watching your horses for months, and she has googled the rules, she should know that all the way until December first, it was not illeagal for your horses to be outside without shelter…. 😛

    Rule number one, for owning happy horses, know the rules and make sure to be able to kindly show idiots that they are, well, idiots 😛 Have fun with that, I bet you it won’t be the first time that is going to happen 😉

    • Yeah… Damn.. I hate people 😉 I agree I would say that it is far worse to keep the horses locked up inside.. Perhaps I should make a study about my horses, put up a camera and see how many hours they actually spend outside 😉 The world of horses would be forever in shock.. muhahahaha

  2. LHK says:

    Muhahahaha…! I told you guys years ago just how awsome showshine is… Now, you sholud have listend, shouldn’t you 😛 You could have saved yourself a lot of work… 😉

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