Everyday when I get out of my bed, I look outside and wonder whether or not I want it to snow… Yeah that’s right I can decide that.. I’m an IceQueen, last one standing at a matter of fact, the one in the Narnia movies is fiction… I went through four years of education and it was hard, because I had to finish my regular school as well, because it doesn’t pay to be an Icequeen only in bribes 😉 It’s not all that easy having to be responsible for all snow around the world, every year in september I negotiate with all countries to find out how much snow they can storage. The snow owls actually creates the snow, they are kinda like the Doozer‘s from Fragglerock. They have one life purpose and that’s to create snow, and sometimes they overproduce and then I have a problem.. This winter was very tough, and everybody was very mad at me in the end, but that’s just something that comes with the job.. Unfortunately. But if someone complains too much I have an intergalactic freezingpistol, so that I can freeze everybody who gets in the way… So that was a little about me.. One day I might tell you more, but let’s end it here for today…

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