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The Celebration

I’m sitting here, with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. I thought I came prepared, but I guess I didn’t. I’ve just finished watching the Danish Dogme 95 movie; The Celebration by Thomas Vinterberg. I’ve watched … Continue reading

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One Day

So, today I had an absolutely perfect day here in Brussels. Perfect weather, funny people, good food and well a brilliant movie. My friend from home Kim-Anh and I, went to see the new Lone Scherfig movie One Day. I … Continue reading

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Is this a kissing book?

Do you know Cary Elwes? He plays Robin Hood in Men in Tights, Kent in Hot Shots!, Jerry in Liar Liar, the evil Edgar in Ella Enchanted and many others. You might not know who he is but you probably … Continue reading

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Desperate Housewives

I’ve just finished the sixth season, and every time I watch the last episode I’m amazed how this show still can shock me. If you haven’t seen this season, stop reading cause: SPOILER ALERT 😉 At Wisteria Lane there have … Continue reading

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I’m in shock!

So last night I was hanging with the movie gang.. We started out by watching this awesome ninja film, A warriors way. If you wanna see how cool ninja’s can be, you should really watch this movie.. And well also … Continue reading

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The King’s Speech

Oh well.. These last posts have been a bit depressed, so today I’ll write about something more amusing… Hmm, now I’ve been staring into the screen for about five minutes, while I should have been working on my homework, a … Continue reading

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Dirty Dancing

Yesterday me and three of my friends sat down to watch Dirty dancing, I was a little reluctant at first, which I always am with this movie, but of course I surrendered. I remembered Patrick Swayze‘s amazing ass and upper body … Continue reading

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The Blue Planet

I love watching nature shows, there’s something calming about watching beautiful footage of nature and animals. The Blue Planet, is about well all animals who lives in water or by water. I saw it last when it was on tv … Continue reading

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A couple of years ago my “moviegang” introduced me to this amazing cartoon called Spirit, The Stallion of Cimarron, now you probably think oh no another movie about a horse, but this one is different. The reason why I’m writing … Continue reading

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Puss in Boots

This must be the most awesome cat ever.. Is it just me or is he damn sexy too 😉

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