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This blog

There past years I’ve written about my joys and my sorrows, I’m guessing mostly sorrows. I’ve written posts about friends, family and lovers, but I’ve never written about my blog. This blog has been a very important outlet for me, … Continue reading

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Long overdue

Hello, long time no writing. Once again I apologize, but things have been kinda weird lately. I’ve worked as a waitress these past couple of months, It’s been great I’ve earned some money so I yet again have a small … Continue reading

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A crabby day

I’ve decided to take a break from my education, I informed my studentcouncellor about this in June. She promised to do all the practical things that follows when you quit a study, like informing the su… Su is some money … Continue reading

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So, the other day my girlfriends and I were watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. That might be my favourite movie, because even though there has been cut a great deal in the story it still works. If you … Continue reading

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A bad day

I haven’t had one of these days for a long time. I have been good, very good. Things are working out for me and I’m happy.. But, yesterday drained for all of my energy. Yesterday we celebrated my boyfriends birthday, … Continue reading

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The Hand of Fate

For once a more upbeat and happy topic, the release of a book. A dear friend of mine have written a book, a fantasy book. I know you might be sick and tired of all the endless fantasy books, that … Continue reading

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Irene and Lise

As you might know I’m at the moment dealing with the loss of my grandmother. My dear friend has written a post about my loss and her family, this post means a lot to me. It was in a way … Continue reading

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A day I’ll never forget

Three days ago I had an oral examination. It was in several subjects and a tough one. This semester I have barely been to school and I’ve barely read anything, so of course I knew that there was no chance … Continue reading

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I’m so tired. I just wanna sleep all the time, my mind can barely function, every bone in my body hurts and I cry all the time. Sigh. By now I know all these warning signs, I’ve been there before. … Continue reading

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Dear Grandmother

I only have two grandparents left, my grandmothers. My mothers mother is well and fresh, she’s very social and active. So, that’s nice. Hopefully she’ll stay around for many years to come. My father’s mother is sick, very sick. Last … Continue reading

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