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A Friday night

Today is Friday if you hadn’t noticed, I might as well not have.. Six months ago I would already have been drunk and heading out on the town, but I’m not. I’ve been having a huge discussion with myself about … Continue reading

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That’s life

I was just in the middle of another sob story about my depression, then I realised that I gotta stop dwell in the past. So today I will write about something else. Instead I wanna write about a huge passion … Continue reading

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What’s next??

Hmm, how to follow-up a gay pirate story?? I know it’s rather difficult.. But I’m pretty sure I’ve found the solution GAY VIDEOS… 🙂 Yeah I know, sometimes I’m at bit of a genius or well you know.. MUHAHAHAHA It’s … Continue reading

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I blame Disney for my high expectations in men

This is the title of my favorite Facebook group there are some great uploaded pictures, which I will show later. I most admit that I for many years believed that I would one day meet my prince charming, oh what … Continue reading

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