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So, today I went to visit two of my friends. The two I know who own horses. Back when I was twelve or so, almost all of my friends owned a horse. I still believe that our parents agreed that … Continue reading

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The girl without a horse

Well, I wrote this post a week ago, but has been a little bit caught up, but here it comes: Yesterday the movie gang and I reunited, after I’ve been away for two and a half month. It felt so … Continue reading

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A positive step

So, yesterday I started looking around the internet, for horses. Horses for sale. Since my horse was put down, not that long ago, I’ve been rather certain that I shouldn’t have a horse again for a long time. But being … Continue reading

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It still hurts

I know that it’s less than two month ago I lost my darling horse, so it’s still very new. But I really didn’t think that I would still cry about loosing her every other day. But I do. Right now … Continue reading

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Bye my love

I decided that I wouldn’t write about this until I was ready, but today I realised that I’ll never be, so here we go.. So here I am.. Sitting in my apartment wondering what just happened. One moment my beloved … Continue reading

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