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I’m feeling weird there days… I miss my father… I’m still crying, but it’s less painful now.. Now, I simply him… Miss everything we had together… But this post is about something else, my friends… A dear friend wrote today … Continue reading

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Some f**cking hair

Four days ago I had a very weird day, it involved my dead horse Lise. On the day she was put down my friends adviced me to cut some of her tail as I memory. Honestly I can’t remember if … Continue reading

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A bad day

I haven’t had one of these days for a long time. I have been good, very good. Things are working out for me and I’m happy.. But, yesterday drained for all of my energy. Yesterday we celebrated my boyfriends birthday, … Continue reading

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What to write?

Sorry for not having written for so long, but its like I’ve lost my love for writing. My creative vein has run empty. Right now nothing in my life seem worth writing about. I’ve lost my dream internship, I’m considering … Continue reading

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The last of the Turboteam

Yesterday a dear friend of mine had her beloved horse Poseidon put down. I was in shock when she wrote me that he was gone, I’m sure that whatever I wrote too her was silly. But it didn’t really hit … Continue reading

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Yet again

So, here I am yet again, screwed. Lost and uncertain about what the fuck I’m doing with my life. I have skipped so many classes that I doubt I’ll survive the exams this summer. Next fall I’m suppose to start … Continue reading

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I wanna write

I want too write, but I have no idea what to write about.. My mind is acting strange.. All day I’ve been waiting for news regarding my father, they started operating on him at noon and he returned to his … Continue reading

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Where did we go wrong?

Why did you leave? You left us all alone A hatred grew inside of me But now, All I have is questions Why? How could you do this? I still miss you But I think about you less And less … Continue reading

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That’s life

I was just in the middle of another sob story about my depression, then I realised that I gotta stop dwell in the past. So today I will write about something else. Instead I wanna write about a huge passion … Continue reading

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It seems as though everyone around me is getting married, or very close to reach that state in their relationships. Several from my old school is already married with one or two kids, even though they are only 23 years … Continue reading

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