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Dreams for the Future

Yesterday I started thinking about what I truly want out of life. I asked myself; What do I want? This question turned out to be much harder than anticipated. I used to want a high maintenance career, a small farm, … Continue reading

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Follow up on “Yet Again”

Thanks for the advice girls, I am always to hard on myself and puts an unnecessary pressure on myself. You’d think that I’d learn, but I still haven’t. This time I really wanted to make a change, I really wanted … Continue reading

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Yet again

So, here I am yet again, screwed. Lost and uncertain about what the fuck I’m doing with my life. I have skipped so many classes that I doubt I’ll survive the exams this summer. Next fall I’m suppose to start … Continue reading

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Along the roadside

On this cloudy and rainy day, she wondered why she even wanted to go.. Her mind was grey and filled with sadness and lack of energy. When her feet hit the floor and she pushed herself up, she could feel … Continue reading

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