A beautiful day

Today was an absolutely stunning winter day.. Blue sky and NO RAIN imagine that… and and and I had the entire day off to spend with my horses.. This happens so rare, so here I am writing about it..

I started out by grooming Indie my pony.. He has been acting weird, and I’ve been unable to catch him when I wanted to groom him. I have always started with Gaia my filly, because she’s always right there in your face when she’s done eating. This past week I have tried starting with Indie to see if that would help to make him not avoiding me.. It has worked like a charm and he seems to like being the first.. Actually of course he should be the first, he is (or should be) the leader of the herd.. I have been able to catch him every day this week.. Awesome! I know you should be able to catch your horse, but sometimes Indie can be a little difficult to understand..

I took him out for a walk and afterwards we trained some driving exercises.. I really hope that I’ll be able to afford a wagon for him this year.. It could be freaking awesome.. The only problem about this is that I know nothing about this, but I’m trying the best I can.. today I walked behind him with two robes in his halter. He’s an awesome horse to train, very cautious and focused.. He’s just the coolest pony I’ve ever met..

When I train Indie, Gaia is running around like crazy on the pasture.. she hates when she’s left alone. She is getting a little better, so we’re working on it..

When I was done with Indie Gaia was a little hysterical. So, I decided to feed and water the sheep while she cooled down.. This took a while and when I wanted to get her they had walked to the far end of the pasture.. I called and whistled, which usually makes them come running. Not today though. Gaia didn’t even look.. I guess she was a little pissed being saved for last, even after the sheep. But, I went to get her and she followed me without discussion. Indie did to, enjoying that I was holding Gaia he trotted around her and was bucking all over the place.. He such a cute pony.. and Gaia walked nicely at my side. She’s so amazing..

I worked with her a little bit. Just the signals she needs to know for us to live together.. That’s all we’ve worked on this year and she’s is a very sweet horse.. She’s very hard to keep focused so we are taking it slow. Making sure that she understands what I am asking of her, she’s actually a very easy horse to work with. But, she’s very different from Indie, he’s working hard to understand what I am asking of him.. Gaia has it much easier, she understands most tasks easily.

So, this was my day.. Horses and sheep all over the place.. I hope that I’ll have many more days like this in 2014, they make me so happy 🙂

About theevilicequeen

Hi, I'm the only true IceQueen left in the world.. I have passed the exams, and now I'm in control of snow and ice all over the world... It's pretty fucking awesome....
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2 Responses to A beautiful day

  1. Starstone says:

    haha you know what, I think its wonderful how girly-pissed Indie tends to get 😉 But yeah, it does make sense that he doesn’t want to be last 😉 I am glad you figured that out 😉

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