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The Hand of Fate

For once a more upbeat and happy topic, the release of a book. A dear friend of mine have written a book, a fantasy book. I know you might be sick and tired of all the endless fantasy books, that … Continue reading

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Irene and Lise

As you might know I’m at the moment dealing with the loss of my grandmother. My dear friend has written a post about my loss and her family, this post means a lot to me. It was in a way … Continue reading

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Dark Shadows -The Movie

So, I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to watch this movie. I’m a chicken and I simply can’t handle scary movies, so I feared that this movie was more scary than funny. But, in the end I decided … Continue reading

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A day I’ll never forget

Three days ago I had an oral examination. It was in several subjects and a tough one. This semester I have barely been to school and I’ve barely read anything, so of course I knew that there was no chance … Continue reading

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I’m so tired. I just wanna sleep all the time, my mind can barely function, every bone in my body hurts and I cry all the time. Sigh. By now I know all these warning signs, I’ve been there before. … Continue reading

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